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    Osh Midair

    I have strongly resisted wading into this discussion, it never seems to end well, but I've noted a detail that has not yet been mentioned in the thread and may possibly explain some of the actions. I flew the ultralight pattern quite heavily for the full week at 2 separate Airventures. As has...
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    Mentone Runway Repair Fundraiser

    It might be a good idea when publishing a plea to watch a video, to include (another) link to the video you're referencing. For those not inclined to go back and research when/where the link was first published, it would be just a click away.
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    Software application I'm working on

    Very Nice! Please keep us/(me) informed if you get to the point of offering it up!
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    Wires / Power Line Dreams

    I used to have the very dream that WaspAir describes. I couldn't have articulated it better... The odd thing is that I had this recurring dream as a teenager long before I was (or even thought about being) a helicopter pilot. Weird.
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    - Sold - Great entry euro style gryoplane for sale

    This comment made me go back to look at the picture... I don't recognize that stick grip, anyone know who manufactures it?
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    First Coaxial Helicopter Flight

    Looks like the video must be mirrored during part of the clip, the exhaust switches sides too :-)