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  1. Greg Vos

    Osh Midair

    Interesting comments at about 9 mins…
  2. Greg Vos

    Brakes and rotor head travel (AC).

    IMO aft travel should be no more than 19 degrees, port, starboard (roll) 8 degrees max, in flight you would never see travel that far in any case, level disk with full fwd stick
  3. Greg Vos

    2024 LSA Gyroplanes

    Having flown many of the side by side variants I find the Magni very cosy inside (if you like rubbing shoulders with your pax it’s fine) In the M24 the seats are slightly staggered to enable a reasonable comfort. The Cavalon is nice but it does not offer the finest view …The polish machines...
  4. Greg Vos

    N800YA Calidus - Idaho 9.6.23

    Vance you miss the point …land a gyro like it’s supposed to …hold off until the aircraft comes to a ground speed standstill ….lower the nose …what could be safer or more simple?…any instructor not teaching that technique from the outset needs some retraining IMO. It also dilutes the debate...
  5. Greg Vos

    N800YA Calidus - Idaho 9.6.23

    Why was he putting the nose wheel down while the aircraft had fwd speed is my question? …I would like to chat with his instructor….let the crowd who complain about coupled nose wheels think about that for a moment …a quick reminder in case it’s overlooked 🤔 the correct landing technique is to...
  6. Greg Vos

    Glassy Water Landing in a Gyro?

    Qatar coast guard use gyros with floats ….i just don’t like them then again I’m not a great fan of Auto Gyro Gyroplanes
  7. Greg Vos

    CCW Rotorway

    Ok so if you chop the throttle the nose will yaw …as it will if it loses power from say a mechanical failure I react with my feet to correct the yaw my brain tells me to correct the yaw not to firts think about what pedal to push ….that said I love your collection of helicopters 😁 top draw 👌
  8. Greg Vos

    CCW Rotorway

    You still don’t have to think about it …nose goes right …left pedal nose goes left right pedal ..what am I missing here ?
  9. Greg Vos

    CCW Rotorway

    I don’t even think about it ….my brain tells me what way the nose is going and I use the foot to fix the yaw …swop between 44/22 and MD 500 no issue
  10. Greg Vos

    Trojan Gyroplane older news but still worth a read

    Was just thinking how far we have come since this article was published 🤜
  11. Greg Vos

    Mounting a gopro on a gyrocopter

    This go pro shot on the horizontal stab gives a nice perspective IMO
  12. Greg Vos

    Accident - Rotorsport UK MTOsport 2017 N975CD, Easton Airport, Easton, Maryland, USA 13 OCT 2023

    It’s a lot of hours …..we fly around 50 hours a month and on certain task based flying it’s exhausting …that’s 50/hours/ month ( ..1000/ year is 83 / month odd) 2000 is double that …we are governed to a max of 90 hours a month by SA CAA legislation...some of the most experienced guys I know who...
  13. Greg Vos

    EGT Rotax 912

    I’m toying with the idea of removing my EGT sensors from a 912, after all with the carb version we have no means to adjust the mixture in flight like we do with the Lycoming or other aircraft engines I have owned a M16 that I flew to TBO that did not have EGT sensors, with not a days problems...
  14. Greg Vos

    Mag problem Rotax

    Guys I’m reaching out to you for some advise. we have a rotax that has a dead mag (A circuit) the challenge is it works fine when the engine is warm say 40/50 degrees C the problem is hard starting and if we do a mag test when it’s cold and below 1950 Rpm and drop a mag B while A is off ( earth...
  15. Greg Vos

    Wagtail LIDAR test flight

    Two weeks ago Nobel Aerospace Systems were approached for discussions and input for aerial mapping by a local mapping and survey company. NAS who are suppliers of the Trojan brand of commercial Gyroplanes built by Wagtail Aviation were brought into the discussions initially for comment only. As...
  16. Greg Vos

    *** SOLD *** REDUCED PRICE - Kalithea gyro for sale...

    The new owner when found will be happy I’m sure 🤜
  17. Greg Vos

    Osh Midair

    From a different forum ….
  18. Greg Vos

    Osh Midair

    Wow …this comment does not augur well with me 😡 I do not know the parties involved and no one has been proven to have caused the accident (yet) so far it’s a tragic event ….with respect you should be less enthusiastic to make such comments IMO
  19. Greg Vos

    Incident - Cavalon N518DT - Arizona

    Is it easy to inspect the mast welding by the tank? a known weak point? asking because I’m rated on it as an instructor not a test Pilot 😐 so no sinister intention with my question, my personal opinion and I say again personal opinion…the AG offering does have some very questionable...
  20. Greg Vos

    Trojan 240Hp Gyroplane

    We make our own blades, cords vary from 180/210 depending on application, extrusions are done under very strict monitoring conditions