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  1. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2018 - Sep 15 - Carolina and FLA vs. GA!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 15th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) WRENS IS GONNA ROCK in 2018! Last year we were hoping to see 30 gyros and 200 people. But, due to Hurricane Irma rolling through just days before, we had a slight dip in gyro attendance, seeing 24 in total. Not too bad, but...
  2. NetPilot

    Wrens CHALLENGE 2017 - Sep 15-17 - GA AND Carolina vs. the WORLD!!

    Wrens Fall Fly-in is September 15th thru 17th! Wrens Airport, Georgia. (65J) Again this year Georgia and Carolina are joining forces to CHALLENGE Florida, Tennessee, and EVERYONE ELSE in the country (and world) to come out and join the fun! Last year's attendance was 26 gyros and a BUNCH of...