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    What did you/do you do for a living to fly gyroplanes?

    To give hope to younger members of the community it is possible to own a machine! Like Bobby I went with Aviomania secured it for less than 100k. I started training 10 years ago with Craig McPherson after I researched gyros at work one afternoon. Got hooked after my first flight. Around 2019 I...
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    Shipping Help

    Craig McPherson hauls gyros cross country and may be able to assist with your problem. This is his company website: You can find his contact info near the bottom including telephone. He also deals with AutoGyro a lot so the Cavalon would not be an issue.
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    Selling an EAB GYRO

    Just to plug a good company here Aerospace reports can probably walk you through the process and assist with any documentation including rapid filing (they have people that work at the FAA in OK and expedite their orders, usually under 24 hours). I used them when I did my registration because...
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    The Analog Engineers Pocket Reference

    Texas Instruments just updated their Analog Engineers Pocket Reference PDF. The PDF is free and roughly 160 pages (hardly a pocket reference haha) but has tons of useful electrical engineering information in it. As a newbie this taught me quite a bit so hopefully it helps others too! Link to...
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    Pilot CAN'T FLY IFR because his IPad has died. Martinsburg. REAL ATC

    Wow.... Just wow.... I wonder how much audio was lost and how much that pilot just ignored ATC -- clearly he ignored a majority of the ATC instructions.
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    Hummingbird Gyros

    I believe Craig (Blue Skies Gyros) has stepped back from Hummingbird. I actually saw and sat in the single seater that was there for awhile. To be fair the CLT was just to high for me to be comfortable in it and you sit up very high in these -- the pictures don't do it justification. After...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    New Genesis in Texas

    Thank you everyone! It was one of the most exciting moments in my life. Craig has been super patient with me taking my time during conversion training, I can't even remember how many crow hops I did over the past few weeks.. Finally popped up and gunned it on Saturday, sailed over the field a...
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    New Genesis in Texas

    Been awhile since I posted but super happy to announce I did my first solo circuit last Saturday in the Aviomania. Amazing machine, can't wait for the wind to die down this week so I can get back out 😁
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    Aviomania Texas North American Website

    Nice website Tom! Kudos on getting that up and running for the community.