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    Comment on MOSAIC

    I thought this YouTube video called "Everything wrong with MOSAIC" was pretty informative -
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    RotorSchmiede VA115 First Flight - Coxial

    Please open the PDF attachment for further details on VA115's "Permit to Fly" issued by the German Government. I have been watching the progress of this one fairly closely and like it better than the Russian Aeromechanics's single place coaxial. Not sure how to add two links to the same post...
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    Affordable air conditioning for light aircraft?

    This is a kickstarter campaign but the prototype looks pretty far along with production coming in March of 2017.
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    PAL-V Flight Simulator and specifications Specifications -
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    Ehang 184 drone could carry you away one day
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    Coax 2d
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    Can anyone identify this coaxial?

    There's not much room between rotors and utilizes a centrifugal clutch mated to a two stroke motor.
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    Ballistic Parachute for Helicopters and Gyros

    I hope this is not duplicate post as I did perform a search for discussion topics on parachutes and did not see anyone else post information on the Galaxy GRS ballistic parachute for helicopters and gyros. It states that it can handle up to 750kg (1653 lbs). In the test videos, I do not...
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    Gyrodyne qh-50a coaxial helicopter maneuvers

    There are some recent posts on YouTube on the Gyrodyne QH-50A coaxial helicopter. Based on the Dodge pickup in the background, these do not appear from the 1990's... I always thought the Gyrodyne would be a great kit helicopter with a proven track record. GYRODYNE QH-50A COAXIAL HELICOPTER...
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    FAA approves DeLorme inReach for Enhanced Special Reporting Service in Alaska

    This might be of interest to some as a low cost/light weight solution for remote destinations.
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    FAA now lacks clear-cut legal authority to prohibit operation of drones

    So does this mean it's possible to covert a gyro to a drone and make money with it?
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    HAI: $100 Per Flight GA User Fee in Obama Budget Request

    How many jobs will this cost?
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    Aeromobil Flying Car gets off the Ground

    The Aeromobil has much cleaner lines than the Terrafugia flying car. Video of its first is at the bottom of the page...
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    Helicopters Have a New Home at AirVenture

    I thought this might be of interest to anyone going to AirVenture in Oshkosh. Gene