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    Trojan Gyroplane older news but still worth a read

    I could use one for my Coyote hunting.😎
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    Hegar wheels, brakes and 800-6 4 ply turf tires. $425.00

    These are off a Sport Copter Vortex. Almost new. Does not include the master cylinder. Fits 3/4 inch axle.
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    AR-1 N57AR - Texas - 20.8.23

    OH I totally agree Vance. It was my stupid takeoff technique every time. I did learn the hard way and had to purchase a new set. But am very impessed with the Sport Copter rotors. Never came close to flapping. Not saying they won't, just never did on mine.
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    AR-1 N57AR - Texas - 20.8.23

    Do some rotors flap easier than others? I had an air command with 24 ft Dragon Wings. They were notorious for flapping. I hate to admit this but one time they flapped enough to hit the ground and also the prop which cut one rotor blade almost in half just beyond the aluminum bar inside. I...
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    I hit 200 hours today

    Congrats. I've owned two different Sport Copter Vortex Gyros at different times, and put about 300 on them before selling. I kind of miss them.
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    Rotax parts

    Yup, snowmobile or seadoo parts work as good. Seadoo pistons are ceramic coated i'm told.
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    Incredible !! Russian Ka-52 Helicopter Flies Without Tail Shocked The US

    Why would it shock the US?????????
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    SOLD SOLD Custom design single place For Sale $18,000.00

    :oops: It couldn't be any more obvious.
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    SOLD SOLD Custom design single place For Sale $18,000.00

    I don't see a price anywhere here. Did I miss it?
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    Osh Midair

    I am compelled to say what I have been thinking through all of this and who on this forum I am inclined to believe. First, I met Abid a couple years ago at Oshkosh. Of all the vendors I spoke with on Gyro's, he spent the most time and was truly personable. He was truly interested in more than...
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    Updated joy stick

    You are absolutely right. I have removed the oil injection on 3 different aircraft and and premixed ever since I lost a rod bearing on a gyro. On the last 582 though, I just disconnected the oil injection lever so it injected a small amount all the time. This way if I throttled to idle in the...
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    Updated joy stick

    Amsoil Interceptor is the only oil I use. I live in Minnesota were there are a lot of snowmobiles. The guys that race them use this oil as they will sometimes get hot enough to stick the piston to the cylinder wall. All they do is let it cool down and off they go. Any other oil will score the...
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    "don't text me with; is your gyrocopter still for sale"

    If I was the seller, I would communicate in any way to help the sale. In today's world, the purchaser seems to have to be the one who has to be polite and courteous. When I bought a new car the salesman had a take it or leave it attitude. I pay attention and in many retail stores, I am the one...
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    "don't text me with; is your gyrocopter still for sale"

    If they're that touchy, it's probably better to go on to the next as the before, during and after sale experience will probably be like a tooth ach.
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    Flew my nephew in AR-1C

    Sharing the thrill is the best part of flying.