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  1. MikeBoyette

    2-stroke engine: Where/how to get fuel when flying X-country?

    If you choose to use Amsoil Interceptor you can use AVGas with no worries about the build up of carbon. I had to take my engine apart after failure of the crankshaft and bearings (not oil related) and the inside of the engine looked brand new. No carbon or lead buildup at all longest time was...
  2. MikeBoyette

    Gyro Parts For Sale In Barre, Ma.

    I believe they are no longer in business. The owner was killed in a crash a couple of years ago. His son Paul was trying to carry on but, I heard he was pushed out and new company took over. They even changed the name of the machine and updated it to resemble the latest MTO.
  3. MikeBoyette

    100hr Inspection

    Love it. His rotor head is nice. Love to see someone else using needle roller bearings instead of bushings.
  4. MikeBoyette

    Gyrocopter crashes on Dauphin Island

    When I was flying my Dominator I made every landing at an idle. One should be taught how to come in over rough or wet terrain to a landing. Instead of bleeding his airspeed off like a fixed wing he should have come in hot stood it up on its tail to arrest his decent and forward motion of into...
  5. MikeBoyette

    Gyrocopter crashes on Dauphin Island

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Pretty soon the art of flying a gyro like it’s a gyro not a spam can with blades will be lost.
  6. MikeBoyette

    BarnStormers Spring 2023

    Where do I sign up? Do I have to kiss the ring Barry?
  7. MikeBoyette

    New canopy design for Calidus

    Yeah he was no fan of any of the Euro tubs. That includes the clones made in the US. I asked him once if he would ride in one of them with push pull cables with an airframe made of stainless. His response was classic Chuck. “Kid I wouldn’t get out of the electric chair to get in one of those...
  8. MikeBoyette

    PRA 2023 Convention

    PRA chapter 26 Sunstate Rotor Club no longer exists. The club was dissolved. The only thing that was retained was Bensen Days. I believe it is its own non profit Corp. Its sole purpose is to fund, host and ensure Bensen Days continues. The contact for that is Scott Lewis, Eric and Callie Bruce.
  9. MikeBoyette

    More fun flying The Predator.

    We always used Odyssey batteries until the last few years Dad was in business. He started using Lithium/iron batteries. They worked pretty good and were very light without the fire hazard Lithium/ion batteries posed. He was using Battery Tender brand. Not the top of the line but reasonably priced.
  10. MikeBoyette

    Rotax 914 carbureted issues!

    Well Rotax does things that puzzle me. Turbo through the carb that is not designed to be pressurized. Discover that it causes leaks the solution then is to put a cup to catch the leak and drain just an above the hot exhaust manifold. This was easier than just building a fuel injected engine from...
  11. MikeBoyette

    New canopy design for Calidus

    Not usually a fan of most of their choices in how the machines they build are engineered. Some of the stuff is not what I would consider user friendly or made of what I would consider quality materials. This being said aesthetically, this is beautiful. It’s very pleasing to the eye. The lines...
  12. MikeBoyette

    How is Jake?

    Gary in the Snoopie machine is gone too. Both from cancer. Gary was a character. I will do a write up on him soon. So many stories about him I heard growing up from Chuck and Dad.
  13. MikeBoyette

    BarnStormers Spring 2023

    Come on guys how about some pictures?
  14. MikeBoyette

    build a super mac

    Well a true “Super Mac” was a name given to a highly modified 90 Mac that was developed by Dave Prater and Bill Parsons. Both of which are no longer with us. This would make it very difficult to duplicate since I’m not sure if anyone knows what internal modifications they made. The external one...
  15. MikeBoyette

    New Pilot Expectations and Apprehensions ( What to Expect during Flight Training )

    I have known Ron most of my life. He and Dad have been flying about the same amount of time. They learned the same way. Ron had a hot rod KB. He put on quite a show back then.
  16. MikeBoyette

    BarnStormers Spring 2023

    Come man not even one little sarcastic thought about the 3M product being banned on your airport grounds? As Larry the Cable Guy would say “Please Lord Forgive Me and bless the pygmies”. I am such a shi* stirrer. It’s so much fun to watch people get what the truly deserve.
  17. MikeBoyette

    BarnStormers Spring 2023

    Lucky dogs.
  18. MikeBoyette

    Loving the Vortex Viking

    I am glad you like it Dave. Is it as smooth as I said it was? It’s probably a rocket on a single place. Soon you will have to get a two place.
  19. MikeBoyette

    BarnStormers Spring 2023

    Wish y’all tons of fun and gyro fellowship. One of these it will work out that I get to attend what I heard is the Burning Man of gyro events. Sure am gonna miss y’all and all the fun. Just search everyone no sharpies allowed