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  1. okikuma

    Thai Longboat racing on Cobra Canal, Thailand

    Something different. Thai Longboat racing on Cobra Canal, Thailand. This type of boat racing has been happening for decades. Some Thai friends of mine and I have been there to watch. Not a typical tourist location. Wayne
  2. okikuma

    Army grounds aircraft for a safety review following recent deadly crashes

    More and more examples of total lack of situational awareness by ignoring or blocking out all external awareness of activity around one's own self while intensely focusing on with tunnel vision an object with pretty little colored pictures...
  3. okikuma

    Multiple and Unique One of a Kind French Gyroplanes

    A very interesting modification and method of salvaging a bent airframe. Thank you Shirley, Wayne
  4. okikuma

    build a super mac

    Here's a link on the R&D Aeronautical Engineering Company, Inc. website of a Popular Rotorcraft June 1982 article, History of the McCulloch Aircraft Engine (4 Cylinder, 2 Cycle). A very good article. Wayne
  5. okikuma

    JK-3 Juan by Fusioncopter is born

    That is a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing. Wayne
  6. okikuma

    Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75

    EIEIO Wayne
  7. okikuma

    Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75

    I have a good friend that was a former TR-1/ U-2 pilot. He currently works for Lockheed - Martin. He's very good at keeping OPSEC of his past and present. I told my friend about my visit to Lockheed Skunk Works for a briefing I presented to senior management. At the end of the meeting and...
  8. okikuma

    Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75

    A very nice story Brian. As you know, those who have held secret security clearances are sworn to secrecy with all operations, locations and timelines for a lifetime. There are many things I have been involved with in my past that I cannot speak about. Even when I have seen and read about it...
  9. okikuma

    Ranger 1 Super Copter For Sale

    Tracy, Do you have more photos to share? Thanks Wayne
  10. okikuma

    Memorial Day 2023 - We Remember

    Please take the time to spend a quiet moment to remember our fallen this Memorial Day and say a prayer of thanks for their sacrifice and to bless their families in their absence. Wayne
  11. okikuma

    Life on Guam

    Ben, Too bad you're currently not able to fly. You certainly could have provided great aerial survey support with your gyroplane. C-17s from the 154th Wing (Hawaii ANG), C-5s and C-17s out of Travis AFB, CA (349th AMW, USAFR & 60th AMW USAF) and C-130s out of Channel Islands ANG Station (146th...
  12. okikuma

    Life on Guam

    I'm very happy to read that you and your family are fine Ben. Dave Bacon kept us updated on your status. I haven't heard from my friend on Rota. She is resilient so I'm not worried. Nevertheless, living through a Cat 4 typhoon is still a major event. Wayne
  13. okikuma

    Life on Guam

    With an extensive emergency management and military infrastructure on Guam, the recovery efforts will be surprisingly quick as compared to an equal sized natural disaster within the Continental U.S. (CONUS). This is because the percentage of support personnel performing emergency management...
  14. okikuma

    Rotax 914 carbureted issues!

    Only time in service will tell. The same when Rotax 900 series were first introduced in the USA. Wayne
  15. okikuma

    Zongshen Aero Engines Zongshen Aero Engines THE C80 80 hp at 5800 rpm (2400 rpm at the gearbox output) Displacement : 1211 cm3 Compression ratio : 9:1 Bare engine weight (without fluids) : 56 kg Bare engine Dimensions : Length 666 mm Width 580 mm Height 410 mm 2,500 hour TBO...
  16. okikuma

    Rotax 914 carbureted issues!

    Until the Chinese Zongshen Rotax copies regularly experience TBOs greater than 1500 hrs. Wayne
  17. okikuma

    Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75 Flying Magazine Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75 SR-71 pilot, author, and motivational speaker suffered heart attack after a speech in Reno, Nevada. By Meg Godlewski May 23, 2023 Renowned Aviator Brian Shul Dead at 75...
  18. okikuma

    Rotax 914 carbureted issues!

    I cannot even begin to count from my old hotrodding past how many times someone had experienced poor performance due to rebuilding a perfectly healthy and operating carburetor. Wayne
  19. okikuma

    Life on Guam

    PRIMETIME SPECIAL: Typhoon Mawar - The Aftermath Nick Delgado leads KUAM's special coverage on the day after the passage of Typhoon Mawar. We talk to government leaders about recovery efforts and island residents about their feelings as we all went through this together.
  20. okikuma

    Life on Guam USNI Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, Makin Island ARG on Call for Typhoon Mawar Disaster Relief Mission By: Sam LaGrone and Mallory Shelbourne May 24, 2023 5:52 PM • Updated: May 24...