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    Dominator project, East TN- Price lowered

    Greetings, Over the last year I picked up a couple different projects, and planned to rebuild a wrecked Dominator. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn't what I wanted. I have an Aviomania G1sE kit on order, so I'm clearing out all the project stuff. Basically, one...
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    Tango1 ?

    I saw a couple videos of Tango1 test flights, which look interesting. Was that a model that was actually sold in the US? Would they accept an 80 HP 912UL? I notice that the Tangogyro web site seems to be down with some sort of internal error or I would have asked them :) Thanks, Rusty
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    Aluminum main gear attachment?

    Greetings, There have been some gyros such as the Carlinator that were built with formed aluminum main gear. Does anyone have a good picture of how those were attached? A 2x2 tube just doesn't seem like much to bolt to, and I'm wondering how else they're supported. I've found a number of...
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    Tube and fabric tail?

    Greetings, If you wanted to build a conventional type tail, with a modern sized horz stab and rudder, is there any reason you can't just make them steel tube and fabric? It wouldn't have the nice airfoil shape, but for the speeds we fly, I don't see how that can be a problem. It certainly...
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    Closing ad- Dominator tall tail and landing gear

    There are a couple people I'm talking to now about this, and if neither of them buys the parts, I'll end up keeping them until I decide whether I'll ever use them. Rusty
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    hub bar lengths?

    I thought I remembered seeing some discussion about this, but I can't find it. As an example, let's say you need a 25 ft rotor. If you compare 10.5 ft blades with a 4 ft hub bar, to 12 ft blades with a 1 ft hub bar, would there be any significant difference in performance? I have to believe...
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    single place tall tail differences?

    Greetings, I've accumulated everything I'll need to build a 912UL powered single place Dominator, including a tall tail. I have plans, which of course only show the normal shorter tail. I know that they made a number of tall tail versions for people with larger engines/props, and I'm...
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    Dragon Wing history- early blades with rivets?

    Greetings, I recall reading that the early Dragon Wings rotor blades had rivets on the trailing edge, and a project I picked up happens to have the riveted blades. I bought a Dominator kit about 15 years ago, and looking at my pictures, I can't see any rivets in those blades, so I'm thinking...
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    Any G1 owners or builders near East TN?

    I know this is a long shot, but I'd love to see a G1 in person if I could find one fairly close to east TN. Extra credit if it's an enclosed model, since I'm worried about head room . Thanks, Rusty
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    modern single place gyros?

    Greetings, I'm still thinking about my next gyro project, and it seems like all the more recent gyros (Magni, AutoGyro, AR, etc) have very similar tandem designs. I don't have any interest in a 2 place gyro, but I do like the more recent designs. Magni did have an M14 that was essentially...
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    Any gyroplane CFIs near east TN?

    Greetings, Since I need a BFR in the next couple months, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some refresher training in a gyroplane as my BFR. I have a private license for SEL with a sport pilot gyroplane rating. My understanding is that a BFR can be in any aircraft you're rated...
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    copy of assembly manual?

    Greetings, I have a single place Dominator project that I'm thinking of rebuilding. Does anyone have a copy of the assembly manual that used to come with these? I remember it from the Dom I had long ago, but didn't keep a copy, and this project didn't have one with it. Electronic or paper...
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    Craigslist ad misc gyro parts

    Noticed this in a general search today if it interests anyone. This is NOT my ad, and I don't know anything else about it. Just passing it along since it showed up on my search this morning. Rusty
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    Any Little Wing projects for sale?

    I'd be interested in a Little Wing project if there's one for sale. Ideally I'd want the LW3 short version, and since we're dreaming, near East TN. Rusty
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    plans for the metal tail?

    Are there any plans that show the construction of the metal tail? Anyone have pictures a tail that was disassembled to give me any clues? I'm probably going to have to build one for a project I'm acquiring. Thanks, Rusty
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    Wanted: Single place Dominator kit, project, or plans

    Greetings, I'm narrowing down my shopping, and think I'd like to try another Dominator. The ideal situation would be to find an unfinished project that's complete minus engine. The tall tail version would be much preferred since I'll need larger props than the normal tail allowed, but I can...
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    RFD Eagle XG?

    Greetings, I ran across this video of an enclosed gyro from RFD called the Eagle XG. I've never heard about it, so I'm assuming they must not have produced them? Pity since it would be almost exactly what I'd like to have. Cheers, Rusty
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    What's the status of the Dominator design?

    Greetings, I know that Ernie retired, and RFD is no more, but did the Dominator design rights get sold to anyone who will continue making them? It would be great if there were plans available, and maybe some parts like the nose pod. I'm not suggesting anyone make unauthorized plans, but...
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    History of Vortex 582?

    Greetings, As I start looking at possibly buying a used Vortex, I've seen references to different revisions. Naturally things would change along the way, but where there actual Rev 1, 2, 3 etc versions? Using the wayback machine, I see that the kit price (minus engine and options) were...