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    So what gyro would you buy if you were just starting out and knew what you know now?

    Ben I wont hijack Bobs thread but I have data showing the pilot seat of a Sportcopter using a 912ULS is exposed to 130dB of noise. This subject is a thread on its own. Regards.........Chook.
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    So what gyro would you buy if you were just starting out and knew what you know now?

    I opted specifically not to have the ANR installed as I have tried both Bose A10 and Zulu Lightspeeds and they just don't seem that great a deal when you have no enclosure, they do not cut down the wind noise 2000 dollars worth. Instead I opted for the PNR with extra sealing gel cups. dramatic...
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    New Niki Aviation forum under Manufacturers

    Lovely smile Brian. Now tell me how does it fly compared to the ELA? Regards........Chook.
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    Propellers: Thrust Test & Fight Performance

    Vladimir thank you for a comprehensive report. There was obviously a lot of time spent to get your results. I see that Kharkov is very near the eastern border of Ukraine - stay safe and keep your head down! Regards.........Chook
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    FlyCom Helmet

    Mark if you can take a pic of your current Flycom helmet mike and post it on this forum I will identify it for you and give you its details and where to purchase one at a reasonable price if required. These inserts occasionally fail. Also if you can tell me if you have a Pax with their helmet...
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    FlyCom Helmet

    Mark are you using another type of headset helmet with a passenger? My thoughts are more often than not are firstly you must use MATCHED helmets although your complaint of mic switching off during xmission is certainly something to do with the squelch setting. I once ordered a pair of helmets...
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    FlyCom Helmet

    Mark which PS engineering intercom are you using? PM1200? Regards......Chook.
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    FlyCom Helmet

    The installed PCB amp is only connected to the mic cct on the pair that I have worked on.
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    FlyCom Helmet

    You are onto it. Flycomm helmets come in 2 flavours - GA and ultralight. (the earphone impedances remain the same) They differ in that one model comes with a small PCB in the lining that contains an amplifier further increasing the gain of the mic. And yes mixing and matching helmet is fraught...
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    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    Hmmm. have I got it wrong. Looking at your gyro from the rear your prop spins anticlockwise which will reverse the direction of the flex driveshaft spinning it clockwise. When the bendix engages the rotor drive it will then reverse the direction of the rotor drive drive causing it to spin...
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    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    Smack on my ELA I managed to get my 8mm bolt heads behind the gearbox flange by using aluminium spacer inserts and by installing 1 bolt at a time through the gap near the fuel pump. This allowed torqueing at the prop faceplate as you want. I'm guessing that you still need to install your pre...
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    Stick shake

    Burrengyro I also have an ELA 07S with an unlogged chequered history - suffice to say it had some awful shakes. I manufactured a simple tool to track my barrel changes and found that i could feel changes of 2 to 3 degrees of barrel rotation never mind 20 degrees! Unfortunately I also discovered...
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    914 oil/turbo issue.

    Gday Birdy. I seem to recall one of these pressure regulator systems was wearing a groove in something (spring, side wall or regulator tube) which makes it stick. Pull it apart again and check the walls where the regulator pin or spring slides. Regards......Chook.
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    Bendix for prerotator

    Contact Adrian Stoffels - his details are in the Australian Gyro News in the instructor section. Regards........Chook.
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    The new gyro

    Wolfy the rumor about ELA ring gears which use a Yank bendix is that they are from outboard motor starters. (no I dont know which one but probably Johnson or Evinrude?) I recall giving you the details of mine over the phone. Regards......Chook.
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    First jump takeoff in France

    Is it just me or if you look at the windsock to the right of the building in the back ground it would seem that he has taken off downwind? Regards.......Chook.
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    prop versus engine noise.

    Phil this is turning out to be a very interesting thread- thanks for starting it. And Mike thanks for bringing up the environmental measurement location (in the middle of the airfield). I suspect that we all sometimes assume things of our audience. Which brings me to the next observation. A long...
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    prop versus engine noise.

    And of course when we are discussing dB levels associated with sound and the human ear it should be referenced to dBA which further complicates the readings. Phil you allude to this phenomenon with "perceived and actual" levels. The following is an explanation from "WWW.the engineering toolbox"...