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  1. TyroGyro

    Fatal - BRAKO Gyro, Argao, Cebu, Philippines 05 NOV 2020

    I have been compiling this data for five years, and ensure that the info is posted here, with links to the ASN Accident Wikibase, which seems to be the best source, and is updated regularly by users around the world. I personally only post fatals here in machines that can be termed "modern...
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    Fatal - Magni M24 Plus N590DM, Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, Missouri, USA 22 MAY 2022

    I have no idea of the cause of the recent tragic accident. Sincere condolences to all affected. However, around 4% of fatal gyro accidents [in the modern generation] are officially ascribed to probable medical events. We know that recreational gyro pilots are mostly NOT young people, and...
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    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video
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    Norman Surplus
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    Norman Surplus

    Norman and James Ketchell landing on a highway in Alaska Canada during a thunderstorm... It was a privilege to meet Norman and shake his hand at a UK record fly-in in 2017. Rest in Peace, inspirational gentleman.
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    Fatal - ELA Aviacion ELA-07 EC-EZ1, Camarenilla, Toledo, Spain 08 AUG 2018

    I believe the ELA serial numbers go:- mmyysssvv?e where mm=month, yy=year, sss=serial (i.e. the nth ELA machine produced), vv=model variant, ? = not sure, e=engine variant (91)2 or 4 So that would suggest the accident machine was manufactured in June 2007, as the 161st ELA produced, was an...
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    Another Cavalon

    As you know, I have always shied away from any formal statistical analysis of non-fatals, because: a) they're vastly under-reported on the global scale, and no-one can vouch that any particular country is "perfect" either. b) there are too many of them, and its too big a task for an individual...
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    Another Cavalon
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    Another Cavalon

    The data is hard to come by, although anecdotally there seems to be a correlation.
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    Another Cavalon

    Which rather proves my point. In the UK, where everything is reported, the non-fatal to fatal ratio is something like 12-1, not 2-1....
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    Another Cavalon

    Non-fatal accidents are so patchily reported that it is impossible to draw such conclusions between manufacturers. Anyhow, here's an in-depth analysis - by the pilot - of an accident to an ELA.
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    Another Cavalon

    Good discussion. We are touching on some of the points I made at the start of the thread. Non-fatal and fatal accidents have distinctly different characteristics in how the gyro gets...
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    Congratulations to 2 new UK gyro pilots !!

    Yes, there were serious issues there, but best not to air them on a public forum. For the time being... The powers at Gyropedia Towers were apprised of the shortcomings in the instructor last year. DB was the examiner on the day, and it went well. (not enough left pedal in a spiral dive, was...
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    Another Cavalon

    Conflicting reports are the norm to begin with. But if the gyro-pilot's report is genuine, I'd go with that...
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    Another Cavalon Video news report in the link. New information being added, ownership, flightradar, etc.
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    What is it about Gyros, and is there anything we can do about it?

    I've not looked much at ages. Some are very young (21/22), some are quite old (70+). I doubt it's worth the effort.
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    Fatal - Tango Gyro Tango2 [unregistered], near Soyvolovskaya, Vologda region, Russia 21 AUG 2019

    There was one in Australia, which was almost certainly an M24. We may be a long time waiting for confirmation and cause, if it comes at all... I don't bother worrying about whether 1 or 2 people died. A fatal is a fatal. There is always a pilot...
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    Congratulations to 2 new UK gyro pilots !!

    Haha, I have a connection to both pictures. My old instructor and examiner pictured in Inverness, and Paul Lewis is pictured sitting in my machine, although he now has his own. :D Both Gyropedia-trained, btw. Paul is a converting pilot, 2000 hours FW; not sure about Allan.
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    Fatal - Tango Gyro Tango2 [unregistered], near Soyvolovskaya, Vologda region, Russia 21 AUG 2019 I'd forgotten that one, so have updated my numbers accordingly. I now have 92 fatals. I have Magni (ex-VPM) fatals in 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008(x2), 2009(x2), 2011(x3).