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  1. twistedrisers

    Autogyro pilots east of England.

    I'm currently based in Bury St Edmunds area, UK and I'm looking to talk to local pilots/Gyro builders is anyone local? I'm going to start my Hornet build and would like to build a bit of a network. I know the Hornet can not be flown in the UK but will be moving to Asia in 8 months. The country...
  2. twistedrisers

    Butt fan pilot/builder looking for the next project.

    Hello everyone and thanks for having me here. I just joined the community to gain some insight to my next project. I currently build and fly paramotors here in the UK, but now thinking about building a Autogyro. I have plans for both the Honeybee and the Hornet and I leaning toward the Hornet...