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    Hirth F-30S for sale

    Hirth F-30S, 95 HP, low time, 4cyl aircraft motor. Was on gyrocopter project that sold recently. Matt Dandar at Recreational Power Engineering (Hirth company in US) says it is worth $4,500.
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    2-Place Project SOLD SOLD

    Gyro project for sale. Two seats, front seat has controls, rear seat is also 7.5 gallon gas tank. Configuration is similar to Dominator and/or Carl Schneider designs,…. By “similar” I mean tri-gear, large slow-turning prop, low thrust line, tall tail Hirth 100HP 4-cyl aircraft motor, F-30...
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    Silencer for 503 $28 plus shipping -- SOLD

    Bought for 503 Dominator years ago, but never got around to using it.
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    Wanted: Stickers for Dragon wings

    I am selling my gyro project and all the associated stuff including three dragon wing hub bars. When cleaning the hub bars, I put a lot of wear on the Rotor Flight Dynamics stickers. I am hoping someone here can put me in touch with someone willing to part with some stickers so the hub bars...