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  1. Kevin_Richey

    Carolina BarnStormers Spring 2022

    I can't believe I forgot her for this question! I've met her @ their hangar/home east of Boise.
  2. Kevin_Richey

    Pre-rotate before entering runway

    "Technical term"! :LOL::ROFLMAO:
  3. Kevin_Richey

    Jay Boyce, of Massachusetts, has passed on

    Received a text today from Jay's wife, informing of his death from liver cancer on Dec.22. He & I had just been texting about three weeks earlier. He related that he was in pain and bedridden. He had purchased a new Tango gyroplane tail last year or so that he was planning on selling. I know he...
  4. Kevin_Richey

    Viking Engines

    Barry: I once again viewed that large photo you posted of your Tango gyro when I noticed the words on your rudder. What a tribute to someone who obviously had the respect of many! (y)(y) Also, two batteries? And, is that one of Scott Essex's trim adjusters?
  5. Kevin_Richey

    Viking Engines

    Barry: Is your Outback gyro a naked MTO?
  6. Kevin_Richey

    Carolina BarnStormers Spring 2022

    In the US, I know of only 2 current gyro flyers: Britta (AZ) & Christine (KS). Anyone know of others? How about in other countries? I remember reading of Magni (Italy-Lisa?) & Shirley, writer of the gyro book: Short Hops. (England-France now)?
  7. Kevin_Richey

    Last little tweeks for my new Gyro Trailer!

    Keep forgetting to ask: Either of your two sprouts show interest in flying, whether gyros or "the dark side" of aviation?
  8. Kevin_Richey

    Last little tweeks for my new Gyro Trailer!

    There was an older fellow, a surgeon somewhere in AZ, who was also there (flying a SC M-912), which had the SC fairing/partial enclosure. Mine didn't have the fairing, being a Lightning, like yours. You spoke of flying the "river" run w/ other gyros b/4 I arrived. Is that the gyro in the video?
  9. Kevin_Richey

    Advantages and disadvantages of larger rotor

    You've going to need every bit of the 8.8 meter rotor disc @ over 4,800' El. where Sedona is situated. You'll likely need a larger system than that if you want to fly a passenger in your AR-1 @ those altitudes. I flew @ those type of density altitudes & higher using a set of 25' rotors. But I...
  10. Kevin_Richey

    Last little tweeks for my new Gyro Trailer!

    Dave had to leave then for something b/4 I arrived there. I remember because I was disappointed in not going flying w/ him. But, you, Brita & I went flying together to that dry-river run. You could hear my radio transmissions while Brita couldn't, so you'd relay what I said to her. That flight...
  11. Kevin_Richey

    Last little tweeks for my new Gyro Trailer!

    Being that it is tomorrow there b/4 it is done being today here, the forum software probably had to work harder to let you initiate the change! I enjoyed the video you posted, but it seemed docile (Cessna-like) compared to the flying I've seen you do in person!
  12. Kevin_Richey

    Viking Engines

    Several videos of apparently happy users of the Honda Accord/CR-V engine in airplane use. Admittedly, these come from Viking's own web pages... An option might be to find a rental car agency that uses those models, & aggressively...
  13. Kevin_Richey

    Last little tweeks for my new Gyro Trailer!

    When you're on the forum, click on your Avatar Photo & Name in the dark blue banner @ the top of the forum. Then, Account Details, then scroll down to Location. Then enter the foreign country you've relocated to...:unsure: 😄 Almost as easy as mountin' your rotorblades on top of your Magic Carpet...
  14. Kevin_Richey

    Considering the Rotax 915

    Not having any experience operating one of the Rotax 900 series engines, but is this rattle the same as the two-stroke Rotax gearboxes noise & shaking because anything under about 2,200 engine rpms while turning the prop wasn't smooth?
  15. Kevin_Richey


    Dennis Fetters states that he stood under a gyroplane that passed over his head @ some 6', feeling no downwash, so he knows gyroplanes rotors have no downwash, because the air flows up through them. He told me on the forum that I must have "thought" that I saw Glenn Kerr's 25' rotorblades...
  16. Kevin_Richey

    Costa Rica, Golfito: MTOSport? take-off accident

    The video in that link has one of the highest count of ads one is forced to view b/4 the video commences. To review it repeatedly, one has to click on the traveling cursor below the video to avoid being forced to watch the ads over again. 1. Too high airspeed for a takeoff. Pilot...
  17. Kevin_Richey


    In the segment shown placing of that bridge over the stream, it appears vertical plywood sheets were used on one end of the bridge. Tail feathers to aid in bridge orientation as it is moved & set down?
  18. Kevin_Richey

    Gyro history - Cierva letter- Bruce Charnov contact?

    Last I heard, Dr. Charnov retired from his university career in New York & lives in San Diego. He is a member of the PRA chapter (31) there. All-In John would be able to get you his contact info.
  19. Kevin_Richey

    1 dead after gyroplane crashes into marshy area at Clear Lake, officials say

    Accident pilot was not new to flying gyros, nor new to having crashed in a gyro. See the article RE: his prior crash in a Cavalon. "...In August 2020, Jensen had been involved in a gyrocopter crash near Upper Lake. Both Berlinn and NTSB records confirmed that the aircraft involved in the August...