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    Checking on Chapter Activity.. Any CFIs there?

    Hi I am in Saline Michigan. I am seeking local or state based CFIs for GyroCopters. And are there any Gyros at Coldwater Airport? Thanks Curtis Scholl
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    Are there any Instructors attending the 2021 PRA Convention?

    HI all! I had the pleasure of being a student of Desmond Butts at the 2020 PRA convention. I made arrangements with him prior to the convention. I got a couple of hours in last year in an Auto Gyro MTO. This year Desmond will not be available. Will there be any instructors at this year's...
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    Reflex Airfoils

    Hello the Forum There was a thread where Chuck Beaty was told "that Airfoil won't work" because it was not "Flat Bottomed". And in the same thread stating that a symmetric Airfoil stalled quickly thus not allowing an "armstrong spin up" but flew just fine. The 8H12 profile is a reflexed foil an...