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    EJ22 Question

    My Subaru 2.2 is getting a little tired. Not sure whether to find a place to rebuild or get a crate rebuild. The first question I have is the bolt pattern on the engine for the reducer. Some of the crate engines I see are called EJ22E. I need to know if the bolt pattern is the same and...
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    MGL Avionics V6 Radio

    Can someone help me with the MGL Avionics V6 model Radio. I can not figure out how to set it so the mike is off and only active when the press to talk switch is pressed. This is a used unit that did not come with a manual. I did find some directions on line and I played with some of the...
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    RAF down does anyone have more information

    This was on Aero News Network. Does anyone have any more information about this. Or has this already been discussed here. Wed, Sep 01, 2021 NTSB Prelim: Rotary RAF2000...
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    Sparrowhawk-RAF Reduction Drive

    Belt drive reducer to fit Subaru 2.2 or 2.5 engine. 2.1 to 1 reduction. Extra gear for engine makes it 1.21 to 1 ratio Engine to end of Propeller hub is 10 1/2" 18" tall (approx) 15 1/4 wide Reducer weight 37 1/2lbs Extra gear 13 1/2lbs $1,500 obo Chuck Roberg ([email protected])