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    Strobe lights

    I also have a Vertex radio which I run off the radios battery. Connected to an antenna on my instrument pod. I have a LED landing light which I have set up to strobe in daytime. I would get a loud buzz when it flashed on. Since the light was close to the antenna I moved the light lower on the...
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    Just looked at the Cavalon USA web site. Says take off distance with one pilot is 98'. Maybe with an experienced Pilot with experience in the Cavalon and a paved runway that might be possible. But others here have already pointed out the obvious.
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    single place tall tail differences?

    I would suggest before you cut and drill cheekplates. Is to make a set of test cheek plates out of plywood. With several different positions drilled for the rotorhead. Then when doing the hang test you can move the rotorhead Back and forth till you get the correct angle. When you know the...
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    Fatal - N419LB Cavalon OK

    To quote a fellow gyro member. Gyros don't kill people. People kill Gyros. Still a sad outcome. I feel for the families.
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    Subaru 2.2 & Subaru 2.5 question

    Unfortunately that is a more than I'm willing to pay. For now since I have the Carburetor, Distributor and ignition coil from the current engine. I will stick with them for now. But I did bookmark the link incase I want to upgrade in the future.
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    Subaru 2.2 & Subaru 2.5 question

    I'm in the same situation as you. Trying to find how to convert the wiring harness for the ECU. I spoke with Don Parham who used to convert Subaru engines for aircraft use. He does recommend the 2.5 over the 2.2. The problem with the 2.5 is redoing the wiring harness to work as an aircraft...
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    Sport Pilot Gyro Ground School

    Per 61.307 (a) and (b). Any Authorized instructor can endorse for the written test. Not so for the Practical (flight proficiency) test. I was assuming he was asking about the written test.
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    E-AB Question

    I was able to get a waiver thru the tower operations manager of O'Hare International airport. (This is the controlling agency. Not the local FISDO) This was for an Avid Flyer I had. The waver was for me to operate to/ from an airport under O'Hares class B airspace. I also had to submit a...
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    Subaru 2.2 & Subaru 2.5 question

    Thanks for all the replies. I decided to keep the Subaru EJ 2.2 and either have it rebuilt or get a rebuilt crate EJ 2.2 to replace it.
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    EJ22 Question

    Samuel, Thanks for the reply
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    EJ22 Question

    My Subaru 2.2 is getting a little tired. Not sure whether to find a place to rebuild or get a crate rebuild. The first question I have is the bolt pattern on the engine for the reducer. Some of the crate engines I see are called EJ22E. I need to know if the bolt pattern is the same and...
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    psru for subaru ej series, belt or gears
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    Seat tank finger fuel strainers

    The stuff was extremely small and lint like. Uneventful landing. I was on final for the runway so I got lucky. I think your idea for a metal filter is good. They don't cost that much so for me I would replace it annually.
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    Seat tank finger fuel strainers

    My advice do not use a finger strainer. Once installed you can not see if it is clogged up. Use a clear in line fuel filter instead. Had a clogged finger strainer put me on the ground.
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    MGL Avionics V6 Radio

    Sounds good. I will try it out tomorrow. Thanks
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    MGL Avionics V6 Radio

    Jeff, that is the manual I have. I do not Understand the VOGAD function. But I'll try changing it. This is for a single place so no passenger. It's just with the mike always hot. I'm always hearing the loud engine noise. I'm looking to have the mike hot only when I press the button on the...
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    MGL Avionics V6 Radio

    Can someone help me with the MGL Avionics V6 model Radio. I can not figure out how to set it so the mike is off and only active when the press to talk switch is pressed. This is a used unit that did not come with a manual. I did find some directions on line and I played with some of the...
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    Prerotator help

    29' Sport Rotors, Subaru 2.2 engine. Flex shaft. Originally had the 4" wheel contacting the drum on the reducer. But way too much torque. So I switched to a 5" wheel. Normally pre rotate to about 130 rpm before takeoff roll. I tried the suggestion of leaving the prerotor engaged thru the...
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    Skeeter Jr.

    This is what the temps are for the Mosquito Helicopter. 90degree Gearbox Temperatures Maximum 190 F Operating 120 - 140 F
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    Fatal - Magni M16 12-CO, Arceau, Côte-d'Or, France

    (With integral fuel-tank manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass.) With most of the fuel in the States having some addition of alcohol in the fuel. How are the composite (fiberglass) tanks holding up to not leaking. I heard there is a resin that will hold up to alcohol. But...