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    thrust required to fly dominator single sit with 330kg gross weight

    You need at least 1kg of thrust for each 2kg of weight for reasonable performance, so you need about 160kg of thrust.
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    Wooden Blades and the Stability of Ken Wallis' gyros

    Having watched Ken Wallis perform the hands-off hover on several occasions, pretty close-up, (say 30-40feet away), I noted he spent a bit of time 'juggling' the throttle and stick before releasing the controls, and not for very long (say about 10 seconds max), I didn't come away feeling the...
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    Fatal - Magni M24 near Butzbach, Germany

    Barring engine problem, kinda must be power curve issue, no?.
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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    Fair enough,John. FWIW, I have read that it is better to roll toward the retreating blade side, so that the initial high-energy water strike is toward the rearward part of the rotation and less likely to hit the pilot if/when the blade twists. Regarding jumping out before impact, probably not...
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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    If anyone was put off flying gyros by this thread, I suspect that may not be a bad thing. Can Vance et al be blamed for giving honest answers to a question you yourself asked, IIRC.?
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    Nosewheel assembly - Considerations with heavy blades

    IIRC the gyrobee was configured for fairly heavy blades. Improves the thrustline/VCG alignment. Someone will correct me if in error on this.
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    loose vs lose

    Many of the above are annoying, but tolerable. The one egregious, unforgivable instance on this forum is ...(roll of drums)... BENSON. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!
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    One More Try - Looking for help

    Some folks obviously are. But the quality ratio has improved markedly.