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  1. meglin

    Wheel fairings

    We make fairings for almost any type and size of wheels. The warranty is 5 years.
  2. meglin

    Selling seats fiberglass sandwich

    I added some illustrations
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    2 Blade prop

    We also make such propellers. But now we will not accept orders yet.
  4. meglin

    New propeller for 914UL MT-03 / MTO Sport ?

    Dear Twister just doesn't know all the details - he lives in another country. Lugaprop has long been divided into Lugansk and Kiev enterprises. This does not prevent them from developing the nomenclature and creating new samples. This does not prevent us from working closely together. Vibrations...
  5. meglin

    Propellers: Thrust Test & Fight Performance

    Problems with the blades occurred only due to inconsistencies between the manufacturer and the customer. Conventional production blades were mounted on engines with huge torque. With the normal agreement of the terms of the order, the risk is minimized. This is proved by the example of Steve...
  6. meglin

    2 Blade prop

    With pleasure!
  7. meglin

    New Propeller for AutoGyro MTO Free

    There are never absolute winners. I can offer a propeller with a diameter of 71" and a blade width of 125 mm. The blades are saber-shaped. I think they will be no less effective. Best regards, Vladimir Meglinsky My site:
  8. meglin

    2 Blade prop

    No problem with the 2-blade propeller for the engine of the specified power. What are the revolutions? What is the gear ratio of the gearbox? Best regards, Vladimir Meglinsky My site:
  9. meglin

    New propeller for 914UL MT-03 / MTO Sport ?

    Dear Twistair probably inattentively studied the history of the creation of this propeller. Do not hesitate, go to the site, read it! Our saber-shaped blades were developed by my colleagues Pavel Dimitrov and Anatoly Vasiliev in the city of Kharkiv in 1995-97. Pavel Dimitrov burned down last...
  10. meglin

    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller right rotation

    Resource restrictions have been lifted. Storage time limits have been doubled.
  11. meglin

    Yes, So Many Choices...

    Hello, dear Eric! I am not talking about the efficiency and low noise of our saber-shaped propeller on the Rotax-503, but numerous operators in Europe and the United States. All these indicators and impressions are named by these operators. The thrust of 156 kg is named by the Hungarian...