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    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    Fantastic. Congrats! It's time to start shopping for a snowmobile suit for winter open-cockpit flying. 50 degrees is about as low as I can go and that's only a short flight. The wind always finds a way in. Eric
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    Subaru 2.2 & Subaru 2.5 question

    Chuck, The SDS fuel injection/ECU is built for aviation use. I used the SDS system on my 2.5 with 2.2 heads. Reasonable price, relatively easy install, excellent support and it gets rid of the oxygen sensor so I can run avgas when necessary. You don't have to be a tuning expert to use it. I...
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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    Dad got distracted, got behind the power curve and put it in the lake. Not a scratch on him. Can't say the same for the machine. It's still dripping water. Surprisingly, it floated for a couple of minutes before it went under. It's been a busy couple of days. Eric
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    Back Country Gyro Ops. Equipment, mods, techniques.

    Pete, Try a prop guard on the keel below your prop. My neighbor is building a Long EZ and made me a thin plate out of fiberglass to test - see pic. It weighs almost nothing. I operate from a grass strip, but the base is granite gravel. This seems to help. Eric
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    New build, Aviomania G1sB Genesis

    You’re going to drive yourself to drinking. I imagine the tracking page is always on and you click refresh everytime you walk by. You need another project. Clean out your build area, go tool shopping or maybe get caught up on your honeydo list so you can focus on the build once it finally arrives.
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    Dominator Prerotator Bendix

    I imagine the amount of force that can be imposed on the bendix by a hydraulic prerotator is much more than the rubber wheel or belt types. Are you replacing it due to wear or can you break them with an aggressive prerotation? I'm curious what you normally prerotate to and what you can get out...
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    Stick shake

    I have found tracking on the ground using reflective tape on the tips and my prerotator is only a starting point. In order to check my tracking while under flying loads, I wait until the sun is low in the sky, fly toward the sun and then make a slow, banked turn keeping the sun's reflection on...
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    Mike G potential visit to US for RTB training

    Ditto. Unless there is some necessary hands on equipment training, I would this would be a good candidate for a virtual class.
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    New build, Aviomania G1sB Genesis

    Bobby, I highly recommend the Llano airport over Junction. It's 11 miles farther drive for you, but the 3,000 ft. x 300 ft. grass strip is aligned with the prevailing winds. I haven't been to Junction in person, but the map view looks like the grass will have a direct crosswind. You could...
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    A high altitude adventure - Kallithea gyroplane over Owens Valley, California...

    Glassy smooth water in Lake Crowley. You picked the right day for it.
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    Ultralight Gyroplane Limitations

    I received a sign off for a gyroplane rating in 2-seaters which did not prepare me for flying my single seater. CLOSELY following Bensen's training manual did.
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    Stick shake

    What did you use for shims? I have heard "beer can" washers work well for small increments.
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    Resuming training

    Bobby, When my CFI said I was ready, he asked if there was anything else I wanted to work on. I asked him to cut the power in various stages of flight. It was super helpful to know if I was operating outside of the height-velocity curve and to see, feel, react to power outages on takeoffs...
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    SOLD......1971 McColloch J2 #58 out of 83 made

    I'm in central TX and I'd love to come see it once you get it going. I've only seen one J2 in person, years ago in a flight museum. Eric
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    Those were the days my friend,,,

    That's an interesting rear seat control stick configuration. I've never seen anything like it before. What engine is that? Eric
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    First jump takeoff in France

    Rene, I'm curious. Do you know if he's tried a jump with rear seat ballast or a passenger? Eric
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    Any Vortex owners near East TN?

    Boots, Is your nosewheel larger than the standard stock Vortex nosewheel? It looks like it in your photo, but I see it's not the new upgraded one like in Ben's photo. Eric
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    gyrobee experimental windshield

    It would be interesting to see if it changes with differences in speed as well. How do you guys measure it? Best I found was to velcro my iphone to the wall of the cabin, but it still moves in flight and the readings jump around enough that it's not really reliable.
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    gyrobee experimental windshield

    We used to make homemade windscreens for trikes. It was easier since we had a front strut to attach it. We took 2 pieces of aluminum angle (the soft stuff like they sell at Ace hardware and aircraft parts) and put a curve in them by bending them around a barrel. The curve keeps the lexan...
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    Skeeter Jr.

    What brand is your muffler and flex exhaust hose and where could I buy it? It looks like the perfect solution for a Subaru project I'm working on. Thanks, Eric