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  1. btd1982

    First helicopter lesson in an R22

    Today I had a great experience in trying to hover an R22. Previously I had a 5 minute go on the cyclic only with an R44. The experience with the 44 was encouraging as I didn't really go too far out of control, I thought because of some experience flying rc helicopters. However the 22 today...
  2. btd1982

    Scorpion collective issue

    Just wondering how many things can cause this issue of collective going to full like that.
  3. btd1982

    Bridgeport milling machine Re-grind

    Decided to have my Milling machine slideways Re-ground. It's difficult to make accurate helicopter parts with worn slideways. I used Unislide Grinding in the UK, it cost £1440 for the table, Saddle and Knee ways to be done but not the post as I didn't think it was necessary on my machine They...