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  1. Gyro Technic

    modern single place gyros?

    Rusty, You might be interested in the build that I am documenting on my FB page right now. Also, you mentioned you were looking for some Dragon Wings... May I suggest: These are the blades Bobby will be putting his...
  2. Gyro Technic

    Prerotator for an E box needed

    John, The PR drives will be in the $1k range. Hopefully I have the full family priced and available on my website within a month or so. (Working on the mounts for inverted gearboxes now) Welder, Yes, our line of flex shafts will be available this fall. (No firm date yet) Denis
  3. Gyro Technic

    Prerotator for an E box needed

    Here are some pictures that Gator mentioned. We had been getting much interest in the PR drive units on our VX1 units. These will be available in the very near future. *Adaptors are available for B,C and E gearboxes. * Very efficient torque transfer due to tension system. * Tension system...
  4. Gyro Technic

    Rotax announces the cease of 2 Stroke Rotax 582 UL production.

    I was told that by far, the biggest consumer of this engine was using it as a power source for a water pump in fire-fighting equipment. With a change from that consumer, continued production can't be justified.
  5. Gyro Technic


    Butch, Yes, as skyguy said, blading sizing depends on the all-up weight of the aircraft including pilot, fuel and blades, See the table at the very bottom of this page for our recommendation. (Find where your machine matches in the yellow highlighted cells)...
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    Stick shake

    Mike, This is correct. Chris Buchanan and I were able to just get a start experimenting with his system at the Spring Barnstormers' event, but we ran out of time. It was enough to get me excited about the possibilities however. Yes, I'll get my own system coming, but I'm sure I won't have...
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    Stick shake

    The blue patch shown here shows the full contact area between the teeter block and the hub bar on Razor Blades. This surface area does not change with tracking adjustments, and the cylindrical shape pivots the CG around the center of the teeter bolt as not to change the chord-wise balance during...
  8. Gyro Technic

    Still time to have your Razor Blades ready for Mentone!

    A good time to save on freight costs! Order before July 3rd, and we will deliver to Mentone for no charge!
  9. Gyro Technic

    Stick shake

    My schedule does not allow me to be on the forum too often, but I do try log on every couple days to see if anything needs my attention. "Glass smooth" is certainly a relative term. (But it can be considered fitting when compared to some machines out there) VIbration in a gyro is the nature of...
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    Razor Blades on display and in the air at Mentone!

    Leigh, Our new LED system is VERY visible even at high noon on a bright sunny day! Denis
  11. Gyro Technic

    Flight review of the Gyro Technic gyroplane

    Oops! I'll get the title fixed tonight! I've been to so many fun gatherings lately I can't think straight! :D 2:10 PM.... Video fixed with the correct opening title!!!!!
  12. Gyro Technic

    Flight review of the Gyro Technic gyroplane

    Thanks for the kind words everybody! I finally got a chance to trim down the video footage from Ron's test flight! As I watched him head off over the horizon, and not wanting to come back..... I knew that was a good sign and he was diggin' it! I captioned the video with some of his very nice...
  13. Gyro Technic

    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    This is correct. Razor Blades are geared toward the smaller market ranging up to 25' (Maybe 26') We do not have anything comparable for a 28' system.. Stick with the Sport Rotors. They will get you taken care of, and you will be happy. Good product! (and yes, delays across all aspects of...
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    Flight review of the Gyro Technic gyroplane

    Ron, I can't thank you enough for your kind words! It was a pleasure to watch you fly the VX-1, and I was anxious to hear some honest feedback from such an experienced gyro pilot. So happy you remembered to turn on the GoPro! I have looked at the videos briefly and I think we got some really...
  15. Gyro Technic

    plans for the metal tail?

    I might have an option for you....
  16. Gyro Technic

    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    Hey Chuck, As others pointed out: Not a full-flying tail, and certainly not a Dom copy... No need for anti-servo tab. More info here: (you can scroll through the gallery pictures below the main image for more info.) I have sold quite a few for...
  17. Gyro Technic

    Online shopping at now available! Do you need some hardware? A rotor head? A set of Razor Blades, or even a full gyro kit? It is just a few clicks away! This is just the beginning. We will be adding much more content in the days / weeks to come!