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  1. okikuma

    Imagine. Too much HP.

    Does a Calidus need 300 hp? Torque Roll anyone? Wayne
  2. okikuma

    Landing With Vertical Descent - An American Ranger AR-1 gyroplane quickly dropping in altitude...

    I agree an excellent demonstration of the versatility of the gyroplane. Well done Peter. Wayne
  3. okikuma

    Spaceship Kallithea...

    Beautiful gyroplane Peter! I'm going to have to keep watch when I'm on the field! Wayne
  4. okikuma

    Woodstock through the canyon - An American Ranger AR-1 takes a short cut over the Pacoima Dam...

    Great video Peter. Please be careful flying in that area. There is a fair amount of hang gliding activity especially on the weekends with a landing area right next to El Cariso Park and Golf Course. Wayne
  5. okikuma

    Palos Verdes Trip

    Hello Peter, You're welcome for the invite and always welcome to visit and join anytime. When I arrived on the airfield, I did look down your side of hanger row Foxtrot to see if you were present. While I was inside the EAA hanger, one of our members said they could see you taxing to the...
  6. okikuma

    Tom Patterson Gyro Pilot Passed Away

    My deepest condolences and prayers for his family and friends during this time of sorrow and grief. Wayne
  7. okikuma

    Wagtail Aviation

    Did you come up with the specifications for the EJ25 powered Kriek Mk lV? Empty and gross weights, rotor diameter, cockpit width, fuselage length, cruise speed. I'm still curious Thanks, Wayne
  8. okikuma

    Palos Verdes Trip

    Hello Peter, yes at KWHP. Meeting starts around 0930 inside the CAP building, BBQ at the hanger. See you there! Wayne
  9. okikuma

    Palos Verdes Trip

    Another wonderful video Peter. If more people move to SoCal because of your videos, we know whom to blame! LOL Wolfy, Peter is correct. Vast majority of the property in PV is privately owned. Sometime in the late 60s or early 70s, some hang gliders tried to fly in the area but that didn't last...
  10. okikuma

    Chinese Made Rotax knockoffs are being sold in Europe

    Welcome back John! The success of any manufactured product is the level of quality control. At an earlier time of my life, I use to rebuild VW Type 1 engines for my enjoyment. Early on, I discovered vast differences in the level of quality of aftermarket parts. For cylinders, pistons, rings...
  11. okikuma

    David Hopkins has died.

    My deepest condolences and prayers for his wife, family and friends. RIP Wayne
  12. okikuma

    Chinese Made Rotax knockoffs are being sold in Europe

    It will interesting to watch how the metallurgy and tolerances of the knock off 912, 912ULS and 914s hold up as compared to the original Rotax engines. For the most part, these copies might end up replacing the modified Subaru engines on some of the older gyroplanes. Imagine a 914 copy replacing...
  13. okikuma

    The passing of Phil Aune, retired Air Traffic Controller, Van Nuys Airport

    I received news yesterday afternoon that BOTH Phil and Joan Aune have passed away due to the injuries they received from a motor vehicle accident earlier this month. My deepest condolences, and prayers for the entire family and friends during this time of sorrow and grief. My friendship with...
  14. okikuma

    Visiting Oceanside...

    Another very nice flying video. You're giving away too many secrets on how nice it is to fly around SoCal! LOL Flying past MCB Camp Pendelton and Restricted Area R-2503A & D. Obviously you checked NOTAMS before flying in that area. If there's no NOTAMs for R-2503A & D, you can call Range...
  15. okikuma

    Kellet K-2

    A very good find! Thank you Jeurgen. Wayne
  16. okikuma

    Glider Tow

    If someone manages to register their gyro-glider as a trailer with their state's department of motor vehicle. The gyro-glider would be a legal trailer. However the pilot would most likely be cited for illegally riding in a trailer when being towed on a road. Wayne
  17. okikuma

    I love a road trip!

    Another delightful trip you experienced Vance. I had to chuckle when you mentioned you have been experiencing "Prius lag." When I was a teenager after a full day of surfing, I could still "feel" the gentle up and down motion of the swells of the ocean while lying in my bed that evening. Happy...
  18. okikuma

    Fatal - AutoGyro MTOSport D-MTMZ, near Hildesheim airfield, Germany

    Over the years, I have personally know several pilots that have lost a bolt on propeller blade from a propeller hub during flight. In comparison with completely manufactured propeller from one solid piece of material (wood, metal, or composite), I do not know or have met one that has lost a...
  19. okikuma

    Fatal - AutoGyro MTOSport D-MTMZ, near Hildesheim airfield, Germany

    My deepest condolences for the family and friends of this fatal crash. Wayne