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  1. schmoe90

    1 dead after gyroplane crashes into marshy area at Clear Lake, officials say
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    Mini 500s near Sacramento

    Hi all, I know nothing, other than seeing this on Craigslist: I figured somebody might be looking for one (or two).
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    ADS-B Out Option

    I believe the EU ADS-B is an older version of the packet data - at least, my Funke transponder seems to be legal with just a GPS input in the EU, but failed the ADS-B test in the US for the wrong version of the packet data (don't remember more, it was a couple of years ago now). If you just...
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    I'm still pretty happy with the GoPro 7, I just thought the 10 would be better :(
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    I'm going to send the GoPro back, as I only have a day or so before I'm stuck with it. I'm really not impressed with their support. Maybe I'll try again later.
  6. schmoe90

    A pox on the GoPro 10

    There isn't a frame rate change that any of my software can see - it's set at 60fps, and stays there. It is, however, written as an MP4 file. If that was the problem though, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the first to find it :)
  7. schmoe90

    A pox on the GoPro 10

    If you can, they don't document it anywhere :( Next time I test, I'll see if I can use spot metering, and maybe it'll stabilise there too. Of course, I'll be setting the spot to be the taxiway, so it'll be interesting to see how that screws up the exposure :)
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    Yes, it happens with the 32Gb card too - I'm also seeing it in the output files direct from the camera, then I trim them down for YouTube to show GoPro. I do have a 1050Ti, but I can see this on my phone :(
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    Oh, a friend has either an 8 or a 9 that I'm going to try. I don't think it's a problem with my GoPro specifically, I think it's something in the software :(
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    I've had the 7 set to [email protected] and it doesn't do this. I'm using a SanDisk Extreme Plus card - basically the 128Gb version of the 32Gb card that came with the camera. GoPro are reportedly very quick to blame memory cards, and their support said this one was supported. I was playing with...
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    A pox on the GoPro 10

    I was really looking forward to getting my GoPro 10, but sadly it doesn't work as well as my GoPro 7 for flying videos. I'm going to borrow a friend's 8 (or is it a 9?) to see how that does. Anyway - the 10... I noticed that the background scenery doesn't roll across the frame, it stutters...
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    Fuel pumps question

    We ordered the Pierburg fuel pumps that Rotax uses on Amazon: You just have to wait for them to appear in stock :( I believe they're from a Renault 5 Turbo in Europe.
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    Folsom Lake disappearing

    I realised I've been watching Folsom Lake dry up for a couple of years, so here's the video I threw together from my clips.
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    Audio input for ATR500 radio

    Doesn't look like it from the wiring guides at, but yes, you could probably do something by pretending to be the second headset. If you can't add it via the radio, you can on some headsets - my Faro has an aux in line.
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    Do Exhaust Filters for 2-Strokes Exist?

    There's been all sorts of work on scavenging the exhaust of a 2 stroke (the smoke is from the oil burning,) but I don't think anything could be added later. If you're really interested, look at the Orbital engine - I believe that's ended up in drones.
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    Insurance for Gyros

    Try Denise Porter: - a student pilot in our hangar got insurance through Starr last month.
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    Gold Lindy

    N500WL: N753MX:
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    Rotax announces the cease of 2 Stroke Rotax 582 UL production.

    I swear Yamaha had said about entering the aviation marked with the engine from the TDM850, back in the 90s. That never panned out, so I doubt Rotax took that into consideration.
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Just my luck, I've just received the LODA :) So, complain here and see if yours arrives as well :)
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Been over a week for me too :( Luckily I don't need a BFR until next year :)