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  1. schmoe90

    1 dead after gyroplane crashes into marshy area at Clear Lake, officials say
  2. schmoe90

    Mini 500s near Sacramento

    Hi all, I know nothing, other than seeing this on Craigslist: I figured somebody might be looking for one (or two).
  3. schmoe90

    A pox on the GoPro 10

    I was really looking forward to getting my GoPro 10, but sadly it doesn't work as well as my GoPro 7 for flying videos. I'm going to borrow a friend's 8 (or is it a 9?) to see how that does. Anyway - the 10... I noticed that the background scenery doesn't roll across the frame, it stutters...
  4. schmoe90

    Folsom Lake disappearing

    I realised I've been watching Folsom Lake dry up for a couple of years, so here's the video I threw together from my clips.
  5. schmoe90

    Trip to Oroville for their display day

    Now the world has started to open up a little, we've started going places :)