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  1. Mike G

    Low G and Rrpm decay rate

    Doug Riley asked on a previous thread, that I cannot find, about rotor rpm decay rate as a function of low G. Here is an actual recording using my GWS system during recent bunting trials. G is read on the left axis and rate of change of Rrpm on the right. You can see that at a sustained 0.6 G...
  2. Mike G

    Balancing a Stearman with the PB4

    I was asked to balance the prop of a 400+ HP Stearman used for aerobatic displays in France. A very interesting challenge for me and the PB4. Owner/pilot was delighted with the results. Mike G
  3. Mike G

    Mike G potential visit to US for RTB training

    Covid permitting, in October, I intend to: 1) visit Abid at Silverlight to install the first GWS in a production gyro. 2) visit my sister in New Bern NC 3) attend the Barnstormers meeting where Chris Buchanan has asked me to give a presentation covering types of gyro vibrations and how to...
  4. Mike G

    Visit to Fraundorfer Aeronautics.

    Fraundorfer Aeronautics ( are developers of the very interesting and advanced Tensor autogyro and when their specialist with the PB4 balancer left them they asked Smart Avionics who they could get to train their new guy to get the maximum out of the PB4. They got...
  5. Mike G

    USB Vibration Spectrum Analyser

    In post #32 of this thread : I wrote about a simple accelerometer with a USB port that could be linked to a smartphone to allow vibration measurements to be made simply and cheaply and recorded via an app. I proposed to analyse the...
  6. Mike G

    Tango owner looking for help with vibration

    I saw a message on my telephone (not sure if it was email, whatsapp or FB messenger) from a Tango owner (I think in the USA) looking for help. I looked at it and thought I'd answer it when I got to my computer but now can't find the message. So if you are, or know of, a Tango owner looking for...