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    Visit to Fraundorfer Aeronautics.

    Isn't the often repeated selling point for commercial operations of "simpler and less expensive than a helicopter" thwarted by the fact that most professional pilots value helicopter certification way over gyros?
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    Mars flight

    The majority of the battery drain is to keep the electronics and battery warm enough to survive the cold.
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    Small Coaxial Helicopter SCH-2A

    Do the counter rotating blades in coaxial helicopters reduce the danger of applying uneven bump forces that can flip conventional choppers? Next time find a narrower place to fly this thing with even more power lines. :oops:
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    Vinyl Wrap anyone?

    Has anybody tried super bright LED lights on the blade tips? It would make gyros un-missable 1/2hr before and after sunset.
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    2021 Mosquito Fly-In

    Can you give us a summary of what's different about the XE290 and maybe a photo?
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    The Electric Reincarnation of the Gyrodyne

    With most accidents occurring when the gyro is moving down the runway (rubber on tarmac) while avoiding any tipping forces with the massive angular momentum just above, the ability to take off via jump take off and land with vertical descent absorbing landing gear would be game changing. Keeping...