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    Learning to fly gyros

    Excellent! Best instructions on flying the "power curve" that I have seen. I've only ever flown a J-2 McCulloch gyroplane -- N4320G back in 1986 and now N4315G undergoing a refurbish. In 1986, I did pull my J-2 off the ground at about 30 mph, with two aboard, when I should have had 45 mph on...
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    McCulloch J-2 progress

    I am happy to report that my McCulloch J-2 N4315G is finally going back together after exhaustive inspections and necessary refurbish/repair of all components on the rotorcraft. I am lucky to have a local A&P who owns and and flies a Hiller Model D. He took a genuine interest in the J-2, which...
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    SOLD......1971 McColloch J2 #58 out of 83 made

    I own N4315G and am just now getting to the point of putting it all back together. It sat in a garage in Florida for ten years after having had a major on the 0-360. I brought it back to Texas on a trailer. I bought N4320G from Si Smith back in 1986, flew it back to Texas with Si, and then...