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  1. MauiFlyGuy

    Mosquito XE 290

    Hello Folks, The 2021 Mosquito Fly-In just wrapped up a few days ago and a good time was had by all. The highlight was the unveiling of the XE 290. The 290 is not totally new, it is a refinement to the 285. These include a fully programable ECU, new independent coils, a redesigned radiator for...
  2. MauiFlyGuy

    2021 Mosquito Fly-In

    Since the birth of the 285, the Factory has been collecting data and listening to owner like me and have been working on any and all issues that concern the owners. The Inntek 800 engine in it's original application ran at over 8,000 rpm. In the 285 it only runs at 6,000 rpm. Being a 2-stroke...
  3. MauiFlyGuy

    2021 Mosquito Fly-In

    Highlights of the 2021 Trenton FL Fly-In Composite FX will be unveiling our first new model in over six years: the XE290. We will be featuring the machine, demonstrating new options and showcasing its superior performance. The group will present a workshop on the new ECU for the XE290...