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    modern single place gyros?

    Some pics.
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    modern single place gyros?

    Hi Russell….. I’ve got a single place Avromania frame I can sell you if you’re interested. I had a radial mounted on it but will be using it for another project. I can send pics….. it’s in great shape….includes instruments and has a sport copter head on it. And we’re close by in NC 😁 Make me...
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    FlyCom Helmet

    Barnstormers have experimented with throat mics and they work good if you use a full face helmet or in an enclosed machine. Anything else….. when you open your mouth to talk….. the mic actually picks up the wind noise entering your mouth. Our current project is experimenting with earbud...
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    Chapter 62 In Anahuac, TX is hosting our annual Fly-in/Open House October 16th 2021

    Hey Chris….. you need to take the pilgrimage out to our neck of the woods for our Spring get together here in NC. It would be great to have some of you gyro naughts from west of the Mississippi! Got our fall get together happening this weekend….. should be some fun!!
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    Towns in Western North Carolina for Flying?

    Dave….come on out to NC! The flying is great! plus….you'd be closer to the Carolina BarnStormers…….👍🏻😁 I’ve flown around most of those places…….fun stuff!
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    Any G1 owners or builders near East TN?

    I’ve got one at my place with a radial engine on it.
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    Fun!!! 😁😳
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    A little Cavalon fun!😁

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    A little Cavalon fun!😁

    Thanks Vincent for coming out!
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    Prerotator help

    I’ve used Toyota geared starter motors on almost all of my gyros and have no issues at all. I do not run a soft start system and they usually last a year or two before I replace them. Last time I bought them they were $50 each. I think they’re a little higher now. I always keep several on the...
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    Engine mount for Tandem Dominator

    Aren’t any. 😁
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    New build, Aviomania G1sB Genesis

    DHL is terrible…… I’ve never had anything ship smoothly through them 😖🤪
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    J-2 Gyro

    Hi Patricia, I would be interested. What ya got? 😁 Barry Kropelin [email protected]
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    Tank seats - Pros & Cons

    I always explain that in a motorcycle…. The tank is between my legs….. in a Cessna…. It’s above my head….. and in my wife’s minivan….. my kids sit in it😁😂🤣
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    Make WRENS Great Again! - WRENS GA Fly-in 2021 - Oct 1-2

    Hey John….. thanks for putting the word out 👍🏻 FYI….. the Wrens Fly In is not a Barnstormers sponsored event….😁
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    Make WRENS Great Again! - WRENS GA Fly-in 2021 - Oct 1-2

    Those are some good times….. great memories!!! Sorry I’m gonna miss this one! 🥲😩
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    Mr Toad prepares to become a gyroplane private pilot

    Don't understand the question....😄
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    Sparrow Hawk for sale