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  1. Vance

    Some thoughts on cross wind takeoffs.

    I feel there is value in re-examining my takeoff procedures flying The Predator from time to time. Whatever gyroplane you fly; please follow the procedures in the pilot’s operating handbook. I had a particularly challenging client who asked a lot of good questions about the how and why of the...
  2. Vance

    Emergency Landings

    In another thread using a vertical descent in an emergency landing is discussed. As I was writing my response and remembering what I don’t like about vertical descents I remembered back when I was constantly practicing engine at idle landings so I was prepared for when the engine went quiet. I...
  3. Vance

    Aviate, Navigate and Communicate!

    Tired, off for a month and overtasked. This is a story about a 65 year old client who will remain anonymous who had an unpleasant experience while learning to fly with me in The Predator. I will call him Bob which is not his real name and it’s not him in the pictures. I feel there are many...
  4. Vance

    Trouble getting confirmation.

    Thank you to whoever is currently moderating the Rotary Wing Forum. I learn a lot here. I have a client who has been waiting for conformation for months and tried a second time recently and got a message that he was already in the system awaiting confirmation. Stephen W email is...
  5. Vance

    I love a road trip!

    I love this country and I love to travel. I have been on the road for since July second and am home after driving a little over 8,305 miles. I stopped by to see a gyroplane friend in Montana and visited several delightful small museums along the way to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn...
  6. Vance

    Hollman Sportster experience?

    I would like to speak to anyone who has experience flying a Hollmann Sportster. Please reply here or phone me at (805)680-9523 or email me at [email protected] Thank you, Vance Breese
  7. Vance

    Flying doesn't come easy!

    Aviation does not come easy. I have a client in his 70s who is a successful businessman and understands customer service. A knee replacement and a son’s accident have disrupted his training. He is from around 1,100 miles away so getting his aircraft and himself to Santa Maria, CA is not...
  8. Vance

    Self training

    It is nice to see that gyroplane pilots are not the only ones who feel training on the internet is sufficient to learn to pilot an aircraft. The Quad City Challenger II he destroyed is a 460 pound two place airplane. Below is an excerpt from the accident report: “Mr. Scott had purchased the...
  9. Vance

    When to manage the throttle?

    This is a somewhat tedious post about a fine point in flight training so if that is not your interest you can stop reading now. In my current syllabus I teach pitch for speed and throttle for altitude. After an hour long briefing I give the learner all the controls three minutes into their...