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    New to gyros

    I had an ELA 07 cougar . At 6’1” 220 i felt quite cramped. I have a Calidus now and lack headroom.
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    2-place sport pilot-eligible Gyro for training purposes

    Really tough price range for a 2 place. Even used I have not seen a 2 place that looked airworthy under $20k. I think there was a Dominator on her for close to 20 and it was a BARGAIN!
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    Future Gyro pilot:

    Join the facebook page for the PRA. Hook up with tim O conner. He does online ground school. $200-$300 total i think. Also sign up for “The Gyropedia”. Phil Harwood has excellent material to get you in the gyro frame of mind. Educational and fun. You will find a lot of knowledge available.
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    Pneumatic trim leak

    Its the seal on the pneumatic cylinder. Simple 15 minute fix. Autogyro has a seal kit $30.
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    roll trim for calidus

    I dont have roll trim on my Calidus andnit tends to wonder to the right as well. I bought a turnbuckle and use a small bungee attached to the lower part of the cyclic stick. I can increase tension by turning the turnbuckle and eliminate the roll without hindering stick movement in any way...
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    Dominator Single Place For Sale

    Slightly used Hangar tootsie and a puppy, will trade for Dominator. Hangar tootsie still in good shape but starting to show signs of squeaking and complaining. Last inspection suggests 5 year rubber replacement but still serviceable.
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    When to manage the throttle?

    Vance- i’m always interested in your insight in posts. I would expect there is a vast difference between peoples mechanical understanding and oast experience with engines in general. For me, it was quite natural. Coupling the relationship only needed to be suggested once. Like you, I have vast...
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    Which iPad to use for ADSB in & out?

    I use my old 10 inch ipad pro. Only because I have it. I used to use a mini with my ELA but gave it to the new owner. On mine, i have two 1” velcro strips adhesived to the ipad back side. The corresponding longer strips I use as leg straps. I simply lay the ipad on my leg where it aits...