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    loose vs lose

    For all intense and purposes, this thread has been in lightening.
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    Folsom Lake disappearing

    We don't suffer from flood damage. Our weather is so good, we're in a drought. However, because of the Caldor and Dixie fires, we've lost almost a million acres of forrest. That is a million acres of trees no longer sucking up water all day. That water will start to flow into reservoirs.
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    Wunderlich Prerotator bendix

    Cellulitis? Had a bout of that myself once. My elbow grew a chin. Actually, it was more like a turkey's waddle. Anyway ... no fun, that is for sure! I hope you recover fully. Sincere best wishes.
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    I hate all things UPS including UPS Freight

    I've had great luck with Fastenal. You have to deliver it and pick up at their stations, but the price is right and I've never had a package damaged.
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    Request for one of our Wizards help to explain a High-voltage shock on a 12 volt system.

    What a shocking experience. I'll bet Dave was amped up.
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    Gyroplane Hangar Space Available

    Sgt Shultz? Is that you?
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    Gyroplane Hangar Space Available

    He's not wrong.
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    Accident - Rotorsport MTOSport G-PALT, Beccles airfield, Suffolk, UK

    That is true, but not ALL of your instruments fail. Training in that capacity usually involves covering one of the instruments with an inop sticker. It doesn't involve "feeling." It involves interpreting the remaining instruments to solve a problem.
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    Accident - Rotorsport MTOSport G-PALT, Beccles airfield, Suffolk, UK

    I am sure the accident pilot "felt" like the aircraft was ready to fly. Clearly, it was not. Let me see if I can put this another way. Your student just finished flying a circuit with the instruments covered (and please show me where in any training guide this is an acceptable way to train...
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    Accident - Rotorsport MTOSport G-PALT, Beccles airfield, Suffolk, UK

    It took me a minute to process all that you had to say. If a properly designed gyro will lift off at the correct indicted airspeed, then you must be flying improperly designed aircraft if fixed wing transition pilots are causing accidents when pulling back at that "particular" airspeed. Even...
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    Accident - Rotorsport MTOSport G-PALT, Beccles airfield, Suffolk, UK

    No, Vance. You do not get to attack me. You declared that you teach students to fly without the instruments they are given for flight. You have to defend that. Not me. Your opinion that take off accidents are caused by people flying by the numbers defies logic. Why in the world do you...
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    Accident - Rotorsport MTOSport G-PALT, Beccles airfield, Suffolk, UK

    "By the end of the training I like to have my clients takeoff, fly the pattern and land with all the instruments blocked off. I agree that during the takeoff roll the pilot should have their eyes outside." I am new to gyrocopters, but not new to flying. This strikes me as an unnecessary and...
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    The new gyro

    Older, cobalt based lithium batteries did have the capacity for thermal runaway. Newer chemistry LiFePO4 batteries? Even if you massively overcharge them, they will swell up, perhaps burst, but not catch fire. Fire with LiFePO4 batteries are normally caused by shorts igniting nearby...
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    Fatal - AutoGyro MTOSport D-MTMZ, near Hildesheim airfield, Germany

    I do not claim to be an expert, and have withheld making any comments, but ... The pocket where the blade would be inserted and held at the hub is completely empty, suggesting to me that the main rotor departed the aircraft. Had something passed through it, I would think that a piece would...
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    Try shipping through Fastenal. Much less expensive than any other system I've come across. The blades need to be delivered and picked up at a Fastenal location though. That is the only disadvantage.
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    PRA's gyroplane group insurance update.

    Why not simplify the entire process and do something like medi-share? Get a large pool of people to self-insure each other. The more people in the pool, the less the cost of repairs per accident. So, if I have a complete ball up with my $100K gyro and we have 100 members, the cost per...
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    Insurance for Gyros

    Does $7500 a year sound reasonable? It doesn't to me. But, that's the first quote that came in.
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    Insurance for Gyros

    Thanks. Just sent them an email. Bourbon? Check. Chair? Check. Email? Open slowly.
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    Insurance for Gyros

    I tried a search and got ... well, pretty much everything but what I was looking for. Where in the name of Zeus' a-hole are you finding insurance for your gyrocopters? My broker hadn't even heard of a gyrocopter and hasn't had any luck finding an underwriter who will take on the "risk." ' Thanks!
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    M2 912 sport copter

    As promised, here is the video we did. Keep in mind there is no flying in this one. The M2 was being worked on. However, you'll get a good introduction to Jim Vanek and his line of gyros. Mark Pilkington of Skywagons is doing the interview. I run cameras and edit.