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  1. okikuma

    The passing of Phil Aune, retired Air Traffic Controller, Van Nuys Airport

    I received news yesterday afternoon that BOTH Phil and Joan Aune have passed away due to the injuries they received from a motor vehicle accident earlier this month. My deepest condolences, and prayers for the entire family and friends during this time of sorrow and grief. My friendship with...
  2. okikuma

    Amazing Flying Boat - Future of Sea Travel ... well, not really.

    Amazing Flying Boat - Future of Sea Travel ... well, not really. The Ground Effect Vehicles or Wing-In-Ground effect (WIG) as presently called is not a new idea. The design was first conceived in the early 1960s by Dr. Alexander Lippisch, a German aerospace engineer that was brought to the...
  3. okikuma

    When One Has Lost Their Medical

    When one has lost their medical and cannot fly under Light Sport regulations. What to do next? Build a home simulator based on the Boeing 737. Wayne
  4. okikuma

    EAA's Timeless Voices, John Miller

    I came across an interesting interview of Johnny Miller. Only 99 views since Jul 8, 2016 Wayne EAA's Timeless Voices, John Miller
  5. okikuma

    Autogiro C30, Asociación Juan de la Cierva, primera prueba en tierra

    Here's a pre-rotation and taxi test of a tractor gyroplane Juanito C-30 that is loosely based on the Cierva C30 at Valladolid Aerodrome in Spain. The engine appears to be a Continental O-200 and not a Subaru as mentioned in the description. With a little bit of searching, I have found out that...
  6. okikuma

    MARS Ingenuity 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Flights

    MARS Ingenuity 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Flights Wayne Ingenuity Mars Helicopter completed 2nd flight to 5 meters altitude Mars Helicopter Ingenuity’s 3rd flight in 4K for 100 meters distance FULL Helicopter Ingenuity’s 4th flight on Mars with dust swirling visible
  7. okikuma

    Imagine if ....

    Imagine if a modern day tractor gyroplane was built based on the de Havilland C-24. The original DH C-24 used conventional aircraft control surfaces as the Cierva C19. The modern version would use full rotor control. A Hughes 269/300 rotor head or an Air & Space 18A rotor head with 18A sized...
  8. okikuma

    Roton ATV

    The Roton ATV Wayne Footnote: The Roton ATV never made it to San Diego. While on sling load under the CH-47, the craft oscillated too much while approaching 35 kts Unfortunately some goofball added Bell 47 background noise to the video. Rotary Rocket Roton Roton ATV Second Test Flight...
  9. okikuma

    Oz Little Wing

    Anyone know the builder/owner of this Australian registered Little Wing Autogyro G5024? I'd like to know the empty weight, gross weight, rotor diameter, blade manufacture, version of Rotax 912, fuel capacity, and if the external belly tank is permanent or removable. Thanks everyone. Wayne
  10. okikuma

    R44 Emergency Autorotation for Real.

    A good friend of mine sent me this video of Robinson R44 performing an emergency autorotation. Great outcome even though the Robbie was bent. Several comments: At the start of the video, the altimeter displays approximately 1,200 ft. MSL, the field elevation. The cell phone is mounted...
  11. okikuma

    American Ranger Gyroplane in SoCal

    Hey Everyone, Here's a few of videos from a gentleman named Peter that hangers his American Ranger AR-1 gyroplane at Whiteman Airport KWHP here in Southern California. His hanger is directly behind mine. Wayne Morning Landing at KWHP - an American Ranger AR-1 gyro landing before the tower...