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  1. Barney Bahle

    Gyro Rotor Blades

    If I were in your shoes (and I once was) I'd be loading everything up and hauling it to the fly-in. Meet some people that know how to build and set up a machine. Let them go over what ever it is that you have and perhaps they can tell you what you need and where to go from here. Make some...
  2. Barney Bahle

    First helicopter lesson in an R22

    From what I've read it's usually around 10 hours before it really sets in. I have 7 hours on the books to achieve a hover endorsement but probably twice that in a single seater 10 years ago plus some time with a couple different helicopter pilots that are not CFI's. It aint gonna happen...
  3. Barney Bahle

    Tango 2 - N910V - Texas 28th July 2021

    For future reference, on that site you don't need to type the first N of the N-number. You ended up searching for NN910V rather than N910V.
  4. Barney Bahle

    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Count you blessings. Waiting on Nashville for 2 weeks now. Around here nobody does anything in a hurry.
  5. Barney Bahle

    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Been a week now and I'm still waiting. Depending on you local FSDO, results may vary.
  6. Barney Bahle

    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Care to elaborate? I plan to resume training in my ship this winter and assume I now need a LODA.
  7. Barney Bahle

    Scorpion collective issue

    I watched a couple more of his videos. He got the ship back on the ground in one piece after a 90* spin. Looks like he was developing a set-up to replace the cable on an old cable head system.
  8. Barney Bahle

    Skeeter Jr.

    I believe what you're after is socket cap screw, flat head, 10-32 x 1/2. On my first Mini, during shutdown, I had one of these back out into the support plate. Thought it was an engine seizure. Thanks for the honorable mention earlier, although I don't deserve it. All I did was play middleman...
  9. Barney Bahle

    R44 Emergency Autorotation for Real.

    Look very closely at the pictures in post #3 and post #5. Look at the writing on the panel, the key, the ring, and the fob. That helicopter was flying with the key in the off position.
  10. Barney Bahle

    R44 Emergency Autorotation for Real.

    I agree with most of your assessment but I do question this last statement. In the POH of my 162F is a printed start up procedure. I don't have it right here in front of me but that procedure includes Turn off Ignition 1, watch for rpm drop, turn on Ignition 1. Turn off ignition 2, watch for rpm...