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    Rotax announces the cease of 2 Stroke Rotax 582 UL production.

    Many of us were sad to see the 503 go out of production, and now Rotax has announced that by the end of this year they are stopping production of the 582 UL. Known for its reliability the 65HP 2 stroke engine has for many years been a favourite for single seat gyros, and ultralight aircraft and...
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.
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    Hanger Mates.

    With some friends we are getting an old lady back into flying condition. I do love most flying machines and while these have been around us for a while I hadn’t appreciated quite how privileged we are with some of Lottie's slightly more senior lady guests in the hanger. Posing as oldsters are...
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    Latest attempt at getting airborne on battery power.

    Not sure how long this would remain airborne. Probably quite quiet. CopterPack is an electric backpack helicopter with a self-levelling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fiber honeycomb. No details about range endurance. The rotors are enclosed on the outside, but...
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    Have had the pleasure of flying with various types of rotors in various single seaters. The Bensen I first flew I had 22’ Rotor Hawkes, I then went to 22’ Layzelles, these were British produced Rotordyne, and an improvement in performance in my opinion. Flown them on Bensen and the AV-18A My...
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    Barry Thigpen at the Carolina Barnstormers 2021.

    Seems this gentleman caught a segment with Barry demoing Denis’s Black GT-VX1 at the latest Barnstormers meet. Barry certainly seems at home in the Black and is showing just what it is capable of with some pretty impressive flying.
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    Back Country Gyro Ops. Equipment, mods, techniques.

    Jungleman (Pete) from New Zealand had been posting some fascinating details and photos of his gyro experiences in some truly spectacular scenery where he lives. He operates two gyros that have been modified by him to cope with the type of flying he does, and has a wealth of experience flying...