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  1. GyrOZprey

    My Gyro Technic Build

    I loved putting mine together (on the kitchen table) ...a couple of years ago! It gave me quality build-entertainment at the time ...and has been a great machine for introducing gyro-concepts to many youngsters the years since! I LOVE mine!
  2. GyrOZprey

    El Mirage ...lakebed - in the news here!

    saw this one on YT.
  3. GyrOZprey

    Rotors over the Rockies

    I understand the Utah PRA chapter has officially disbanded! I imagine any future ROTR gathering will be an unofficial meeting of a group of friends who want to fly Utah ....I and a couple from FL are planning a late May 2022 gyro flying adventure based at Hanksville - Moab...may swing by...
  4. GyrOZprey

    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    Anyone else looking for a 30ft 9 in cord "as-new" Sport-rotor for THEIR 2 place project I have the one for "Tiggy-B" ...still padded & boxed! Pristine condition was used for only 10 hours of wheel-balancing and a couple of hops before TGB was mothballed & we moved on to TAG gyros! paid...
  5. GyrOZprey

    I had to grip my seat watching this one WOW!

    Barry Thigpen ...I saw his daily displays at Bensen Days and met him while loading up my trailer before the Saturday eve storm trashed the banquet meal-time! He is certainly challenging Jim Vanek 's skills in the gyro loops & rolls dept! ...enjoy the show and know that the skills (&...
  6. GyrOZprey

    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    First. day - Paris TX, Day 2 got to 90 minutes N of Mobile ... so it was huge day TODAY and I WAS so close - I did the last hour in the dark (I HATE NIGHT DRIVING!)... but at least the #64 Bradenton-Ona is brand new beautiful road with great reflectors & lane markings! I'M HERE! ...Ready to...
  7. GyrOZprey

    BENSEN DAYS 2021 is Happening!!!!!

    I'm on the way with myRV/toyhauler rig -(Tonight camped in Paris TX ...1/3 of the way down today!)----- with my white (For-sale) TAG "ARTE" (AwesomeRad TitaniumExplorer) ..... my faithful Red is down with mystery Turbo issues ...and I have ordered an Edge FI kit to gain HP(120-127) & get rid of...
  8. GyrOZprey

    Pneumatic trim leak

    seals in your ram up on mast???? the flight side of the brake-flight unit .... switch- behind panel!?
  9. GyrOZprey

    One More Try - Looking for help

    Nothing near the 2.5 pages of new-posts daily ...when I joined in 2010 (& for the next ~5 years)! What people here enjoy the most is the creativity of builders ..... Jake's awesome creations - Denis's first Hornet, Stan's Super Helicycle & and all his upgrade mods ... Gabor's Behemoth...