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    I believe they may have been approved for the two seater Genesis, not so sure about the single seat.
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    Fatal - Magni M16, near Caposile airfield, Italy

    Lost a friend Johny Camm in Kenya due a post crash fire and ruptured seat fuel tanks on a Dominator, another friend Ivan Smith escaped but suffered badly burnt hands trying to free Johny when his safety belt wouldn’t unbackle. Johny died while being cassevaced back to Europe. Rotor impact while...
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    Brian just a thought, but I believe Nikolas of Aviomania ran a test with Gyro-Tech blades on the single seat Genesis, you might contact him for some feedback on how that went.
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    People with experience seem to be of the opinion that composite blades suffer more than metal. Short periods probably won’t do to much, but depends on droplet size/intensity, and an inadvertent encounter with hail would be most...
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    Propellers: Thrust Test & Fight Performance

    Gre Greg I’ve only ever seen thrust tests for propellors done by tying a rope to a firmly fixed point, tree, car, hanger, then to a spring scale, then from the spring scale to the gyro. Then, by varying the pitch of the blades establishing a maximum thrust available...or an RPM at WOT that...
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    You're spot on there Bobby. :) I do however have, on pretty good authority, reports that Razor Blades are pretty sweet performers. 👍
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    Granny Genesis

    It is a great little single seater. Actually not so small. Always wanted to fly one and sad they have not yet been approved in UK.
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    Have had the pleasure of flying with various types of rotors in various single seaters. The Bensen I first flew I had 22’ Rotor Hawkes, I then went to 22’ Layzelles, these were British produced Rotordyne, and an improvement in performance in my opinion. Flown them on Bensen and the AV-18A My...
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    Real winter flying..

    Unfortunately I am not a cold weather person. Tried flying the Benson when it was down to 4C. I had so much clothing on I could hardly walk, and three pairs of gloves. I lasted about 35 mins then had to stop as I couldn’t feel my hands any more. I did like the boost in performance though, it...
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    Flight review of the Gyro Technic gyroplane

    Stan when your ‘work’ is your passion, life is sweet. Every time I was on my way to the airport for ‘work’ I would smile at the thought of being paid to do something I loved doing, and would probably have paid money to do, if I could have afforded it. I can’t think of one plane I flew that I...
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    Gyro Trailer For Sale—$2500

    No mistake its a nice trailer...and gyro.
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    Gyro Trailer For Sale—$2500

    Looks like an enclosed Genesis on the trailer.
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    Glider Tow

    Not an expert but done enough on a Bensen without a prerotator to take a stab at commenting on the rotor management at the start, on the 180’s at the ends of the runways, and in general. Flat calm day, see windsock at 6:10. Lucky for the pilot. When patting up, face into wind and have the...
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    El Mirage ...lakebed - in the news here!

    Which seems to be a reasonable explanation/verification of the point they made at El Mirage.
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    Butt fan pilot/builder looking for the next project.

    That certainly is a pretty racy colour, more purple than pink though. Glad you're enjoying, I loved my first gyro ride, it completely hooked me.
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    Memorial Day

    For those who gave their lives in service for the protection of freedom. We remember them.
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    El Mirage ...lakebed - in the news here!

    It definitely had it moments, think rotor/mast flap on a grand scale. Good point there about the tale tale being on a different level to the prop/rotor but in fairness to them it did pretty conclusively begin streaming back.
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    First jump takeoff in France

    He really does seem to have cracked the jump take offs. Again congratulations on a great job
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    Barry flying his Dominator at the Carolina BarnStormers Spring 2021 Fly In

    It is a most impressive demonstration of Barry’s mastery of his machine. A great pleasure to watch, and thanks for posting. There are pilots, then those pilots, who other pilots just stand and watch their handling skills in admiration.
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    El Mirage ...lakebed - in the news here!

    Found this most interesting Christine.