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    News? David Prater

    I just found out that long time PRA member and gyro pilot, Dave Prater passed away last year. I heard a rumor and searched to sadly, find out it was true. I spoke with Dave last year as I was working in my shop on his famous "Iron Rooster" MAC Bensen / Brock gyro (which now lives in Northern...
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    Sprint Lite by Blades Over Me

    Looks like a Hornet (Gyrobee offspring) We had a similar one in our club and I can tell you that the round tube landing springs very well up and down, it springs equally well in fore and aft. Any time a wheel hits a stone, any strip of expansion joint on the runway or a clump of grass, the gyro...
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    Incident - Cavalon N232PG at Torrance

    FAA report says it was a Primary Category aircraft. Damage: None