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  1. Steve_UK

    Air command for sale.

    Very nice - when did it last fly - when was it built and does it have an "N" reg ?
  2. Steve_UK

    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    Please focus on gyros thanks
  3. Steve_UK

    How many Little Wings are flying?

    My wild guess. Regular flyers worldwide hmmm less than 20. Maybe less than 10. But I might be wrong.
  4. Steve_UK

    Tango 2 - Idaho - N886T

    The registered owner of the Tango recently featured in a posting on the Adventure Air FB page - Congrats on earning his gyro rating
  5. Steve_UK

    Tango 2 - Idaho - N886T

    The FAA ASIAS reports 17.4.21 Tango 2 N886T AIRCRAFT CRASHED ON TOUCH AND GOES, COEUR D'ALENE, ID. Injuries None - Damage Substantial
  6. Steve_UK

    Incident - Cavalon N232PG at Torrance

    The FAA ASIAS states, 8-3-21 - Torrance airport, California, USA - Auto-Gyro Cavalon - N232PG The FAA ASIAS summary states "AIRCRAFT LANDED AND WHILE TAXIING NOSE GEAR DETACHED, TORRANCE, CA Hopefully fixed soon.
  7. Steve_UK

    Mini 500 forum ??

    a sale in Sweden from 2020
  8. Steve_UK

    Barnstormers Post - 2011 MAGNI M-24 ORION • $73K

    Meanwhile - Magni announce today they are test flying their 1300th gyrocopter - they know something - hats off to them
  9. Steve_UK

    PRA's gyroplane group insurance update.

    Here it is today 1st March 2021 plus earlier in Jan 2021 and Feb 2021