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  1. rcflier

    Bridgeport milling machine Re-grind

    I have a Deckel FP2 - they are also often full of grease instead of oil that creeps down. No one does RTFM, before they grab the ol' grease gun.
  2. rcflier

    First jump takeoff in France

    Carbon fiber 23012 and 23015 rotor blades can be ordered here: But a set of those blades cost more than twice than a set of gyro blades... They are a bit cheaper here: Quality should be the same, I've been told. Cheers Erik
  3. rcflier

    Round Wing vs Rotary Wing

    Or maybe the old book "Stick and Rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche. Although it's a bit basic. I was lucky to find it online. It was sold out everywhere...