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  1. schmoe90

    I got to be the cool kid.......

    I had a helicopter pilot friend ask me "how does it autorotate?" I had to explain that that's how it flies :)
  2. schmoe90

    Trip to Oroville for their display day

    That's a GoPro Black 7. I keep trying to convince myself that I need an Insta 360 :)
  3. schmoe90

    Trip to Oroville for their display day

    Now the world has started to open up a little, we've started going places :)
  4. schmoe90

    Rotax carburetors

    I believe all the Rotax 2 strokes used the same Bing carbs, just jetted differently. I actually have a pair of Bing 54s (and some other assorted stuff) from either a 503 or a 582 sitting in my garage from when I changed between a 503 and a 582 on my old fixed wing. I keep thinking I should do...
  5. schmoe90

    Which iPad to use for ADSB in & out?

    Avare supports ADS-B in. He'd need something like a UAvionix Echo UAT for ADS-B out... that's not something an iPad can do.
  6. schmoe90

    SAFESKY .... a new product?

    It looks like ADS-B in via the internet, with some sort of proprietary out functionality? Why not just build an ADS-B in device and be done with it?
  7. schmoe90

    914 oil/turbo issue.

    I know there's a section in the Magni maintenance manual about oil line coking on the 914 if it's running in a shrouded configuration, like an M-24 - that could affect pressures (and temperatures) methinks. I can look it up when I'm on the right computer :)
  8. schmoe90

    Vinyl Wrap anyone?

    Eh, note the adjustable prop means it can't be flown as a sport pilot - there is talk of MOSAIC changing that though, with a selectable (ie "take off", "cruise") pitch prop.
  9. schmoe90

    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    Well, if you've tried it in the software and it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I meant send me the camera :) One thing I did find is that the telemetry is useless if you don't let the GPS get a fix before you start recording. It's all over the damn place, so now I turn the camera on, do a...
  10. schmoe90

    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    Ah, send me your 8 (or a 9) and I'll test it for you :) I have a 7. The GoPro app a) suuuucks and b) had a really low limit to how long a clip could be, from memory. I hated it enough to look for a better solution. I think they're part of GoPro now, so I'd have thought it would work :(
  11. schmoe90

    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    So Dashware pulls the telemetry data from the GoPro video file, so pass it that same file for data, too. You can add extra data if you have it from somewhere else though.
  12. schmoe90

    Adding Speed and Alt to films

    I've used
  13. schmoe90

    Rotax carbs - it's part #61 :)
  14. schmoe90

    Fixed wing pilot moving from Japan to Utah

    For ultralights, it's worth noting that the FAA calls them "vehicles" rather than "aircraft", so maybe they don't need it either. The USUA (used to?) have a pretty cheap liability only insurance program (that specifically refused rotorcraft) for ultralight to light sport aircraft.
  15. schmoe90

    Self training

    When I bought my Magni, I put my old Flightstar II in as part of the purchase price (I didn't want to deal with owning two aircraft at a time), and that eventually got sold to a third party. So, the guy I'd sold my Flightstar to asked me to do the demo flight for the prospective buyer, and I...
  16. schmoe90

    Barnstormers Post - 2011 MAGNI M-24 ORION • $73K

    Why do you need stronger rudder control during slow flight? I barely need to use my rudder during slow flight.
  17. schmoe90

    Barnstormers Post - 2011 MAGNI M-24 ORION • $73K

    At 135hp, "AAT" is going to be some sort of aftermarket turbocharger, possibly on a 912S. My understanding is the 912 crank was designed for a maximum of 125hp, so I tend to have a jaundiced view of the aftermarket setups.
  18. schmoe90

    Barnstormers Post - 2011 MAGNI M-24 ORION • $73K - might not be any more, as the ad says "Condition Inspection last done in July 2019 by A&P mechanic."
  19. schmoe90

    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video

    At the very least it was a different day when it drove and pre-rotated (and spun down the propeller) than when it flew. I have to wonder why that was - it was a lot better weather on the day it drove.
  20. schmoe90

    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video

    The sad thing that somebody pointed out is that the flying and driving models seem like 2 different vehicles - at least the flying model didn't have the drive chain(s?) of the driving model :(