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  1. Brian Jackson

    Is "Search forums" function up to speed?

    Same here, Mac. Have been using search for a few common keywords and comes up with nothing. Are the archives still in tact or does the search function just not know how to index them? Kind of an important function of the site.
  2. Brian Jackson

    Training with Gyro Revolution in Long Island, NY

    In anticipation of completing my gyro this summer/fall, I have contacted a facility called Gyro Revolution in Long Island, NY that is not far from me. I know nothing about this outfit but am scheduled for a first phone meeting with them this evening to get things moving...
  3. Brian Jackson

    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Have been following this thread with great interest. Curious, what is the status on the PRA educational projects? John Roundtree mentioned a year or so ago about an electric prerotator being among the challenge candidates. I attempted a forum search for the thread but no results returned. Wanted...
  4. Brian Jackson

    How not to build a Ultralight rotorblade

    Well at least it's keeping him busy organizing the junk in the garage.
  5. Brian Jackson

    Do people build anymore?

    Good for you, Java! It would be wonderful to see your build progress on here. Do you have a design in mind?
  6. Brian Jackson

    Gyroplanes vs Bush Planes

    Great write-up and photos Pete!
  7. Brian Jackson

    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video

    It's almost like A.I.-generated filler with an airplane theme. Makes a thicker impressive-looking book though.
  8. Brian Jackson

    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video

    Man I would love to be wrong on this. But per your link comes the following line: “Getting a flying car to the market is hard. It takes at least 10 years,” Based on what other examples? Have I missed the video of an early prototype flying? If so then please disregard this post. But before...
  9. Brian Jackson

    One More Try - Looking for help

    I just learned a new word. Thanks, Tyler.
  10. Brian Jackson

    prop versus engine noise.

    Thank you, Mike, for the excellent info. Am interested in purchasing a PB5 and will contact you later about it. Don't want to derail this thread. Cheers. Brian
  11. Brian Jackson

    A Friend of a friend that I know is building this.

    Was thinking the same. Nice workmanship.
  12. Brian Jackson

    Electric Pre-Rotator

    That's seriously impressive. Took me a minute to realize the video speeds up after you hit 102 rrpm. Was thinking that was one stiff mast!