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  1. Chris Burgess

    Parson's Trainer

    Hey Trevor, I had what I guess qualified as a flight manual but it was pretty much written by me and approved for use at the time by the PRA tech committee 1989. I don't have any of that stuff anymore but using a Bensen B8M flight guide would be nearly the same. All the flight numbers need to be...
  2. Chris Burgess

    Hawley, MN - Fatal - AR-1 - 11th July 2019

    I worried about the higher fuel pressures of fuel injection and the potential broken line all the time.
  3. Chris Burgess

    BarnFind Bensen

    Pictures would help a lot. Metal factory rotors? 10 years inside a climate-controlled space not bad, but salt water near by out in the open is a definite deal breaker in my book.
  4. Chris Burgess

    Engine Off, No-Roll Auto

    For those new to this "improved" Rotary Forum. A trip down memory lane (Rotorfest 2012). You can see my smile.
  5. Chris Burgess

    Mac prop hub assy puller

    I had Mac's from 1971 until 2003. I never used the "actual" puller. I will try to attach a couple photos that will show how we did it. You make a "fat" washer that just fits inside the hub center and just insert a "C" clip or two in the groove above it. As you back out the hub retention bolt...
  6. Chris Burgess

    A broken accident chain!

    Good read for those with mags.
  7. Chris Burgess

    Aviasport Rotor tach Wiring issue?

    I would suspect you have an electrical feed running too close to the wires that sense the tach. A bicycle tach actually works great an only cost in the neighborhood of $15-$20. You still need to keep the sensor line away from other strong electrical fields (shielded wire may be best) I used one...
  8. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    My SnoBird will be going to a new home in South Carolina. It is sold and the transfer will take place on the 27th. Hope we can get one last flight that morning. I will miss her. My back is healing but I think another month will be an exercise in "patience". Need to fuel from 2.5 gallon cans...
  9. Chris Burgess

    I had to change my towers because the 30 foot SkyWheels have a little more cone then my old 29...

    I had to change my towers because the 30 foot SkyWheels have a little more cone then my old 29 foot RAF's. Jim McCutchen made the towers for me. I think they are about 1" taller. I love SkyWheels. I can fly on less power than I used with the 29 foot RAF's, 200 rpm less..!!! About 20 years ago I...
  10. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    I reduced the price to $18,500. Getting close to my move and I have a back to mend. Reasonable offers are accepted.
  11. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    Selling has moved up a little in priority. I got my "third" compression fracture notice as of yesterday. I was told I have osteoporosis about two years ago when I broke vertabra #2 jumping down from a gyro "hang test", John F's Aurora. So no heavy lifting and I'm moving? Well that's a...
  12. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    Thanks for the kind words Vance. You are a most interest person. It has been "great" to have those long post-flight talks with you. I get to learn so many things from you. Each "jewel" from our discussions has been "priceless" and memorable. Thanks.
  13. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    I had RAF 29 footers for most of my hours. When Jim said he was making rotors again and my RAF's hit near 1000 hours "timed-out", it was a no-brainer. Jims center hub lowers drag and his rotor allows me to fly on 200 less engine rpm. Empty weight 587#. I fly to max gross when needed which is...
  14. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    Thanks guys for the help and comments. The bites are coming.!!! That bird is one good trainer for the open-frame students. If they can fly it, they will do fine in most open-frame gyros. Besides that, it's a "head turner"
  15. Chris Burgess

    SnoBird Tandem on Barnstormers

    Please check out my "ad" on the Barnstormers classified section, GYROPLANE , I don't know how to link it. I'm selling it and moving to Florida to be near to my girls and grandkids. I will continue to instruct in "student owned" gyros. My credentials will all be good for at least two more years...
  16. Chris Burgess

    torque values for bensen rotor head

    (5) and (6) should be torqued as shown, 240-300 in lbs. If they cause your head to not move, you have issues to resolve. When torqued to the recommended value, all parts should be held in a "no-play" stack. Free to rotate but not "pinched". If you leave those bolts loose, the head may travel on...
  17. Chris Burgess

    Hangar Space & Fully Operational HUEY @ KCUB

    My old bird "Saber 39" is sitting all crumpled in the deep jungle of Vietnam, serial number 66-16924. I was lucky I was not flying her that day (11 Oct 69). She lost power on an extraction, hit the trees and went in. The crew-chief was pinned under her for a while but was able to get out. They...
  18. Chris Burgess

    WANTED: Soma Information

    Maybe just a little clearer docs for you.
  19. Chris Burgess

    Parson's Trainer

    I'm with Steve here. I flew the Parson's tandem (first generation) for 10 years, Mac engine, no prerotator, no horizontal just twin expansion chamber mufflers. Well somewhere in there I had a crankshaft failure and the prop flew off into the rudder taking off the top counter-weight section at...
  20. Chris Burgess

    PRA Convention patches

    Several I dug out of my old stuff. Included one from 1968, my Cobra "transition" days. Thought it might be of interest. I've been in attendance for a while. PRA # only 4 digits.!!!