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    Hanger cleanup

    Cleaning out my hanger and have some stuff for sale and could be delivered to mentone convention. if you see something make an offer. I will be adding more later
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    Tom Milton

    To all concerned, if you are trying to get in touch with Tom, he has been in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs they think migrated from his leg, He wants everyone to know he'll be out of commision for awhile and will try to keep in touch thru the internet if the doctors allow it Andy...
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    I'm lookin for redrive for a soob ea82 with electric start provision
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    EA-82 Prop drive reduction

    I'm lookoin for a ea-82 gear reduction prop drive if have one please Email me [email protected] Thanks Andy
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    Prop Hub

    I'm looking for a warp drive prop hub for a 2.2 subaru or a ross gear drive can any one help me out Thanks Andy