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    Events Calendars

    Bensen Days Etc. Mentone too..... I needs to Know Please
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    Continuation Question ?

    Is TOM Milton a REAL PERSON..?? I thought I'd met him, BUT, He must be on VaCation.. Tell Me I'm Rite------OR-- Hello HELLO
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    Who Knows

    The name of the movie , where Ken Brock went to the South Pole with his gyros. I have seen the movie however it's been a long time and forgot the title of it.. And want to find it and watch again. Steve
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    Finally !!

    For those that might be interested My medical paper work has finally been approved. I'm back to instructing again , Steve.:peace:
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    Capt. George Silver

    I was just informed that Capt George Silver passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago. May He rest in Peace, He will surely be Missed Steve
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    Hey DOUG Hughes

    Fox News is talkin S--t about you again. Saying you were within seconds of a head on collision with a Delta Turbo Prop passenger plane..that had just taken off. WT Hell. Delta flies below 200' 🙃 Your a lot better pilot than they give you credit..
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    Hey Y'all

    Can YOU believe its 2016. "Happy New Year EveryBody" !! NOT Preaching to AnyOne, HOWEVER,, I Just Have to Say This Y'all PLEASE. BE SAFE, :yo: See Ya at B-Days Steve
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    Need to know

    Who makes these hub bars for the RAF and Sparrow Hawk style gyros Gotta have a few more Steve
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    Hey TOM Milton.....

    After trying a bunch a times to get you on the phone , I guess this is the only way to do it. The upper Pre-Rotater assembly that I've been waiting for finally came in. Very nice work... HOWEVER... ITS FROZE UP ,,,,, DOESNT EVEN TURN.... Now I don't know if this item came from China...
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    New Gyro CFI

    Greg Spicola Has Satisfactorily taken and Completed his Goal of becoming a RotorCraft GyroPlane Filight Instructor. Yall need to be Proud of him... Because I sure am. Steve McGowan :D
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    Rick Abercrombie hurt

    Rick hit a deer while riding a motorcycle last Sunday a week ago. Hopefully he is doin ok after a lot of different surgeries, Road Rash and a lotta broken bones, hand, thumb, ankle, knees, elbows etc and then his right shoulder as well. He is at Atlanta Medical Center ,,,, room 556 If Ya...
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    Did Ya hear

    Where our Government BOUGHT some 550 million $ worth of helicopters from Russia and are giving them to the Afghanistan..looks like Putin and Barry done tied a Knot. Ain't that sum stuff.
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    Got a Question

    Who is suppose to be the, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL GYROPLANE TRAINING ????????????????????????????? I'd Reallllllly Like to Know.
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    How. Many Days

    Gabi? And please get the full dates rite.....:hail: Few more than just the 29th on the video ,,,,,ain't they. :rant: T. V. Flyys more than that in two hours...:flame:
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    Barnette J4B2

    And it FLEW AWAY.. BYE BYE
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    Sparrow Hawk Gyro

    New Gyro, MUST Go" Air Worthiness N #'s and Registration 35k FIRM..........over 50k invested.. Includes 5 hours flight check after purchase Call Steve.....478-461-1451 Serious inquiries Please
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    Let's Not FORGET

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    hey Tom Milton

    Remember this...??? Been a WHILE !
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    What's the chance

    Of posting older fly-in pics, of anyone ( people ) flying or not? Older machines, whatever.. So let's just keep it to ourselves for those that know.. I will start it off with the One That Bit Me! Even. IF You know! DONT POST THE ANSWER or Time Table as Yet...
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    Prayer Request

    Jim Logan's wife Alice has been in surgery since early this morning.. Hopefully everyone that knows her or Jim and those that is reading this will send out a prayer for her to come thru it ok.. THANKYOU. To EVERYBODY... Steve