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    New 4-seater development in Poland: Lot of theoretical analysis and calculations, wind tunnel tests, but all, unfortunately, pdf documents in Polish.
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    Forget gyroplanes, Flike is coming. :)
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    Another interesting 2-stroke diesel

    The new engine by Renault, dubbed the Powerful, the experimental engine is a 730cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged diesel that makes between 47 and 67 horsepower and 83 to 107 pound-feet of torque. The mill is lightweight, too, tipping the scales at 88 pounds less than...
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    4-seater Russian style

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    Six American helicopters landed ...

    Six American helicopters landed ... in the middle of the field in the Polish countryside. Residents of small villages in Poland had a surprise visit yesterday of unusual guests. On their fields ... landed American Army helicopters - five Black Hawks and one Chinook. The soldiers were flying to...
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    Is this the future?

    Is this the future of VTOL?
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    Emergency landing

    Anybody knows anything more about this incident:
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    New diesel - Weslake

    Maybe finally a viable and affordable aero-diesel on the way. The renown engine company Weslake is adapting their marine light diesel for aviation use: The are manufacturing since some time marine diesels successfully used in fast...
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    Five Trendak gyroplanes at Warsaw Int'

    Yesterday five gyroplanes manufactured by Aviation Artur Trendak participated in fly over and low pass stunt for local television at Warsaw (WAW) Frederic Chopin International Airport. One of the pilots was Malin from our forum in Fire Brigade red Zen1. Some images from Malin Facebook page...
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    Ground accidents - handling a hand granade

    There is a lot of ground accidents with gyroplanes involved, compared to fixed wing. I think, the reason for it is, that we forget that on the ground, shortly after landing and before take off we have huge energy stored in the rotor to be taken care of. I tried to calculate this energy...
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    Why are the gyroplane so noisy?

    I have been asked this questions several times an have my own theory. The hot exhaust gases from the engine in the pusher gyro configuration are flowing though the propeller disk and and being hit by the propeller blade. This creates additional sound wave, on top of the normal one, that is...
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    What happens to the forum?

    I am here, on this forum since 10 years. I frequent it daily. I usually press the button "Today's Posts", to see what was going on since lsat day. Usually I was getting 2 pages, some 30-40 new entries per day. Recently more and more often I get just one page, the number of new entries dropped...
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    AERO 2014 in Friedrichshafen

    Not to hijack other member threads, I eventually started my AERO 2014 in Friedrichshafen report. I promised Kai to put some more pictures from AERO, I took this year. I was surprised, that the biggest gyroplane manufacturer had only a symbolic booth with just one machine. It was positioned in...
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    T-tail on gyrocopters

    I have been asked recently to comment on the following statement: I have no experience whatsoever, and especially with Butterfly, although my neighbour has one since many years. Could anybody elaborate or comment. I always thought, Butterfly is OK. Also recently the ArrowCopter, the Trixy...
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    Cavalon crash and fire SA

    On February 15th, Cavalon Gyro-copter, ZU-RKC, s/n V00046 owned by J.C. Taljaard crashed near Kitty Hawk in South Africa. There was an excessive water temperature indication after take-off, so the pilot executed a precautionary landing. The gyrocopter rolled over and caught fire. It is another...
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    NIKI from Bulgaria

    Trying to bring you some news from AERO 2014, here some images of new NIKI.
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    Interesting small engine

    based on Fiat Fire technology, 115HP:
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    Final Report Trixy fatal in Germany

    The Final Report on the Trixy fatal accident in Germany on March 8th, 2013. Very, very sobering report. Basic interesting point: 1. Gyroplane did crash with...
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    PTKay, 10 years after :)

    PTKay, 10 years after :) Hi Everybody, in the heat of the fight I have missed an important round anniversary. Almost exactly 10 years ago, on March 1st 2004 I posted for the first time on the famous Rotary Wing Forum. :party: :wave...
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    Nissan reveals revolutionary gasoline engine

    What would you say about 40 kg, 400hp, 370Nm engine, stunning 10hp/kg?