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    Mentone 2016

    Items 5 and 6 I miss those days... :violin:
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    just a heads up guys :first:
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    Mentone 2016

    Mentone 2015 was a definite step up from the previous years Kudos to all who contributed for their outstanding work. :first: Now how do we go about making Mentone 2016 better? :noidea: After all it is not too early to start thinking about next year and starting discussions on what was did this...
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    Awesome 2015 PRA convention

    Best convention in several years....Now how do we make it better ;-)
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    Who'd a thunk it?

    cool but.... how long before some moron thinks "I bet my 5 year old could fly in that" and then tries it....
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    Aviation Humor

    Love it!!!
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    What am I?

    nose is wrong.....
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    What am I?

    fuselage is wrong for an FA18, look at the lines behind to cockpit, and the tail angle...
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    Look at what showed up...

    guy in the center is the owner / pilot.. It was in Marshall MI (saw it there several years ago) just gathering dust for the last 13+ years and he heard about it, found the owner and negotiated a deal, and being an A&P did all the work... Fortunately the air frame was in great shape, as were...
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    What am I?

    Saw this a few weeks back while on walk about :usa2: On the I-10 just east of Tucson AZ (eastbound) I estimate the length as just under 30' note the nose and apparent lack of cockpit...
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    Look at what showed up...

    :first: to our club meet (chapter 70) last Sunday :drum:
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    HPAA Good News

    Just thought you all might like a bit of good news for once, yesterday the HPAA (Heartland Pyrotechnics Arts Assoc) who over recent year's has hosted the Fireworks that I hope many of you have enjoyed at our annual fly in at the Mentone airport. We had our annual meeting Saturday and I would...
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    RAF 2000: possible stress fractures on rotor tension strap?

    Just a FYI I believe you have to replace everything, rotors and that part are sold as a set.... Or You could have them magna fluxed.... I purchased a kit to do just that for several projects I have, looked it up on line. First there is a spray wash solution to remove any oil or grease...
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    hacks to save cash

    acetone is $$$ ATF by the quart is $$$ but you can buy WD-40 on sale by the gallon for less... Straight Kerosene makes great rust breaker, just soak the part overnight... 1 Part Mineral spirits, to 1 part 40 WT oil to 1/2 part antiseize mixed well will keep locks, cables and hinges loose in...
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    2014 Photo Contest Finalists

    Vote for your favorite photograph for our Readers’ Choice winner by Air & Space mag... some real nice photos and you can only vote for just one...
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    Movie review....

    Just got though watching a HULU movie “P51- Dragon fighter” and all I can say if you want to get bent on the BS the literally license the author took get ready… Realities check the P-51 439 MPH at 25,000 feet 7 min to altitude, 4 - .50 cal machine guns; a service altitude of 41,000 that will...
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    My favorite winged air craft :)

    Yeah the A-12's were the CIA single place bird the S-71 military duo... You know the A-12 could conceivably still be flying with how hush, hush they are and all...
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    My favorite winged air craft :)

    The SR-71 for a good read Blackbird Diaaries, Stories from the fastes jet ever flown:first:
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    been looking at it for my hero 3 on my quad copter... since I have an armature radio license I can get the extended range unit....
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    Tall Tale (thas true)

    engines alone there is a fortune!!!