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    Sport Copter Vortex 582 rotor tim

    Like your idea Eric. Might try that or add weight to the rear. thanks
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582 rotor tim

    I purchased it used. The builder did hang test it. I have flown it for 135 hours. It just needs to be tweaked a bit. I may weigh a little more.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582 rotor tim

    No,I have not done a hang test.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582 rotor tim

    on my Vortex with fixed blades, does anyone know if the trim is adjustable? While flying I need to hold the nose up. Is there an adjustment or do I need to add weight to the rear or add a trim spring? Any info will be appreciated. thanks
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    Thanks Vance. That was my hunch also.
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    How robust are Mosquitoes?

    I know they state 500 hour rebuilds. Is that normal? Also are you always tinkering on them to keep them flying? Looking at a Mosquito Air but don't want to have to throw $ at it continually to keep it flying.
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    Why are Rotorway helicopters sold so cheap with so few hours? They look very nice and I would like to own one but am very skeptical. Can someone shed some light?
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    For Sale: Modified RAF2000 (Sparrow Hawk Conversion) Asking $15,000.

    I would like to know more about the glass blades. Are they RAF blades? Longevity? Also, does it have doors, heater?
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    Newbie in Minnesota

    I live in Minnesota also. Had a Benson, then Air Command, now a Sport Copter. Glad we have another Gyro guy in the area.
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    concidering an RAF. Advice?

    I was also at Oshkosh, the 2 place looked good but I'm leaning to an enclosure. And can't afford the enclosed that was there. The RAF seems to be my only option at this point.
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    concidering an RAF. Advice?

    I am considering a RAF. I have flown a Bensen, Air Command and now own a Sport Copter. I have also flown a friends RAF. Not sure what to look for in one. I hear some negative comments on RAF's but they look like a nice unit. I live in Minnesota and would be nice to have an enclosed gyro in the...
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    Rotor head maintenance

    I called Sport Copter today and spoke with Evan. The teeter bolt bushing is made of teflon and needs no lube. If you lube it, it will wear out fast. Just inspect it every 100 hours and if the teflon wears through, you will see the brass parent material under it. If you see the brass or gold...
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    Rotor head maintenance

    I have a Sport Copter Vortex 582. Can someone tell me if there is any lubrication maintenance for the rotor head? I don't see anything in the assembly manual. I emailed Sport Copter and not received an answer. Any info is appreciated. thanks
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    Hello RWF People What Other Hobbies do you Have.

    I hunt coyotes all winter here in Minnesota. Too cold to fly. I also make knives just for fun.
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    Aircommand safety

    I have an air Command Elite and I feel it's safe and very easy to fly. I have flown the Benson, an RAF2000, the Air Command and now I own a Sport Copter. I have not had any PIO issues on any of these. The Air Command is a good gyro.
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    2006 Air Command Elite For Sale. $14,000.00

    Reduced for quick sale $12.000.00
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    2006 Air Command Elite For Sale. $14,000.00

    Rebuilt 582 Blue Head by Rotax Rick less than 20 hours. 24 ft Dragon Wings brand new. 3 blade Warp Drive. C box. Elec eng monitor. Air speed. Alt. Strobe. Prerotator. Front cowl with windshield. Hyde brakes. 12 gal fuel. Reduced for quick sale. $12,000.00.
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    Looking for good used gyro

    I have an Air Command Elite. 582 blue head just rebuilt by Rotax Rick. 24 ft Dragon Wings. Elec start. Prerotator, Fiberglass nose cowel with windshield. Warp Drice prop. 15k
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    Looking for a Sportcopter Vortex 582.

    I did purchase a Sport Copter Vortex. Great unit. Wish I could figure out how to enclose it for winter flying.
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    How many Sport Copters on the forum?

    I have a Sport Copter Vortex. Minnesota