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    Just a brief fall outing

    The weather was great last weekend and it would have been a sin not to fly. Although I didn't have any great destination in mind I just wanted to take myself for a tour of the area, trying to pretend I hadn't seen these sights many times before. And everytime I fly I encounter something...
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    Hydro-Gyro-Glider (1961)

    I just found this link. Looks like a lot of fun !
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    Help needed to join the French gyro forum

    Je voudrais m'enregistrer au forum français de l'autogire. Malheureusement, je ne pouvais pas car l'adminstrateur apparemment ne lis pas son mail et il me faut un mail d'activiation de lui. En fait, je ne peux pas le contacter du tout par le forum. Par conséquent je cherche quelqu'un qui fait...
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    A quick 3-day vacation in Croatia.

    It's this time of year again, when one thinks of leaving home for places exotic or otherwise pleasurable. Even though this year we decided to stay home and have everyone come to visit us, the opportunity presented itself to lock up the house and take a brief sojourn. The Adriatic is only 2 hours...
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    A trip to Mount Grimming

    It was still morning and the day was shaping up to become very flyable. So we looked at each other and decided to take it by its word and spend it flying somewhere nice. We decided to visit Mount Grimming, a really nice destination in the mountains. It is a great destination for someone wanting...
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    Problems with "new posts"

    When I hit the "posts since last visit" button I get conflicting information. The line near the top says, e.g., 8 posts found. But there are only two threads listed. And looking inside those threads was a total of 3 posts. Also, usually I got 20-30 posts new to me when I check once a day. Now...
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    Visiting the west coast in July/August

    I will be making a trip to the US to visit my daughter. Between visiting and travelling I will have about 3 days to play by myself. As it stands now, those three days will be 26-28 of July. I will be staying near San José, CA, but would be willing to travel to meet some fellow gyro pilots...
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    Rotax 914 turbo question

    This is a technical question about a problem I have encountered with my Rotax 914. It may be of significance that I am using a constant speed propeller with a Jihostroy governor (the standard governor endorsed by Rotax). When oil temps are hot (above 95 °C) and I use full throttle (115%) and...
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    A trip to Gmunden

    Last weekend was a long weekend with beautiful weather and I had planned to do some local test flying. However, my wife Katharina remarked that it had been a while since our last flight together, and she would enjoy a day trip with the gyro somewhere. My plans for the test flights were shelved...
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    ArrowCopter sets new speed record

    February 12th was an overcast day with about a 15 kt wind blowing out of the north. Temperature was 8 °C. Altogether not too conducive for setting a speed record but, heck, why not do it anyway. The point is that I know the ArrowCopter is likely the fastest gyroplane available on the market and...
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    A proposed outline for an Advanced Training course

    In another thread I started discussion about organizing an advanced gyro training course as an add-on for already licensed gyro pilots. The aim was to plug holes left or developed after taking the practical test as well as increase competence in difficult situations to decrease the accident...
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    The effectiveness of advanced short field take-off technique

    Just a quick disclaimer: the following statements and procedures were tested in an ArrowCopter. I expect they will also apply to MTOs, Calidus, Cavalon, Xenon, ELA, etc. They definitely don't apply to gyros like Magnis, which can leave the prerotator engaged during the take-off roll. I don't...
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    A lot of spam posts recently!

    There are a lot of spam posts recently. Can we not get rid of the spammer? It is annoying to see about a third of the new posts being spam. -- Chris.
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    How many miles per gallon do you get out of your gyro?

    The past couple of days I investigated the optimal power settings for various cruise conditions on my ArrowCopter. It is powered by a Rotax 914 which drives a constant speed prop. So I have two degrees of freedom: throttle (controlling manifold pressure) and prop pitch (controlling prop rpm)...
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    Rotax 914 power setting question

    As many already know, I am flying an AC20 ArrowCopter with a Rotax 914 and a constant speed prop. Back when I did the test flights for the certification process, I did an exhaustive suite of test flights on cruise performance. Just recently I revisited the results and a few questions popped up...
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    Who is this guy with his obnoxious off topic posts? This smells like spam. Can we get rid of him somehow? -- Chris.
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    ArrowCopter in Perfume Promotion

    This summer the Loewe company launched a new fragrance for men: "Essencia". The launch happened in Spain, and they wanted to use Spanish inventor and aviation pioneer Juan de la Cierva and his autogiro machines in their ads. They used historical footage to show the autogiro of the past and the...
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    How accurate is the technical data for gyros?

    At just so happened that, on the German forum, someone posted something about the Tercel. I followed a link and wound up on their website. Skipping the marketing parts I quickly found myself reading the technical specs and starting to scratch my head. I found some glaring discrepancies between...
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    Call for regional navigation contests

    Whenever I navigate by following my GPS I feel a tad guilty: navigating by GPS has become so easy that my old school piloting skills are rarely needed any more. So, to keep them from fading completely, I sometimes dim the screen of my GPS and fly according to map, compass, ASI and wrist watch...
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    How can we improve gyro training?

    Reading about gyro accidents on several forums, I get the impression that they are on the rise. Of course there is also a larger number of gyros out there but we know from several official sources that gyros are the most accident prone type of aircraft flying. This fact is also the root cause...